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Entries for: 18th - 24th Apr 2017

Competitors and Horses

Sunday: Grand Prix 10.30 GMT

Madelaine Gervais with Colorado, Miss Tonic (ISH) and MS Clinton (ISH)

Competitors and Horses

James Dwyer with Fleurette Van De Kreungel


Competitors and Horses

Austin O’Connor with Gonzalo

Competitors and Horses

CCI 3*: Padraig McCarthy with Bernadette Utopia; Michael McNally with Classic Piper; Sam Watson with Imperial Sky (ISH)(TIH); Tegan White with Texan Style (ISH)

CIC 3*: Cathal Daniels with Dartans Quality Brigade (ISH) and OLS Back Chat (ISH)(TIH); Sarah Dowley with Rubix Kube (ISH); Sarah Ennis with BLM Diamond Delux (ISH) and Shanbo Queen B (ISH)(TIH); Ciaran Glynn with November Night (ISH)(TIH); Heidi Hamilton with Dam Easy (ISH); Clare Lambert with Whitmore Way; Padraig McCarthy with Dromgurrihy Blue (ISH); Brian Morrison with Master McCormack (ISH)(TIH); Michael Ryan with Dunlough Striker (ISH); David Sheehy with OCS Electric Clover Boy (ISH); Sam Watson with Horseware Bushman (ISH)(TIH)

CCI 2*: Robbie Kearns with Garrybritt Bonny (ISH) and Green Master (ISH)(TIH); Padraig McCarthy with Fiveberry; Brian Morrison with Ballymolloy Rogan (ISH) and Rio; Christine O’Donnell with Blessington Prince Royal; Sophie Richards with SRS Adventure (ISH); Camilla Speirs with BT Cloud Nine (ISH); Sam Watson with Ardagh Highlight (ISH)

CIC 2*: Donnacha Anhold with AP Topstar; Gerald Bloomer with Calliaghstown Flight (ISH); Louise Bloomer with Hollybrook Star (ISH); Meabh Bolger with Killossery Athletic Touch (ISH); Alice Copithorne with Fort Arthur Going For Gold; Declan Cullen with Seavaghan Ash (ISH)(TIH); Cathal Daniels with Greenfort Chocolata (ISH)(TIH) and Greenfort Flight Master (ISH)(TIH); Charlotte Dixon with V Zermie 51; Rebecca Dunlea with MJI Belle Bonita (ISH); Dominic Furnell with Ballycahane Flower Power (ISH)(TIH) and Ballycahane Lucy (ISH); Alison Holden with O My Balladeer (ISH); Clare Lambert with Hartpury Sky Is The Limit; Eva Melly with Annaghmore Ardeo Beach (ISH); Shannon Nelson with Commanchero; Emma Newsam with Kilcooley Michael; Jodie O’Keeffe with Reenmore Duke (ISH); Toni Quail with Ringfort Rua (ISH); Ruth Robinson with Bumble Bee Orchid (ISH); Gavin Smiddy with Carraigh Rua (ISH)(TIH); Steven Smith with EMS Florence (ISH) and Ringfort Rubicon (ISH); Camilla Speirs with BT Rock And Roller (ISH)(TIH); Andrew Turley with The Devils Bit; Sam Watson with Tullabeg Flamenco (ISH); Casey Webb with Beltrim Full Moon (ISH); Patrick Whelan with Footfall (ISH); Melanie Young with Sorbet

CCI 1*: Leila Barker with Ardeo Illusion (ISH); Daragh Byrne with Peruising (ISH)(TIH); Patrick Byrne with BGS Star Attraction (ISH); Fraser Duffy with Fernhill Exchange (ISH); Kate Gibney with Bens Gold (ISH); Padraig McCarthy with Moorland Magic; Shannon Nelson with OLS Pixie Hollow (ISH); Jessica O’Driscoll with Shanaclough Contadora (ISH); Josephine Pollock with Lislan Golden Eye (ISH); Michael Ryan with Matisse; Steven Smith with Hill Patrol (ISH); Camilla Speirs with LEB Lias Jewel (ISH)

CIC 1*: Louise Bloomer with Hollybrook Hotshot (ISH); Heido Brabazon with Red Ace; Patrick Byrne with BGS Country Dreams (ISH); Luke Coen with Stroke Of Genius (ISH); Stephanie Cunningham with Silverglen Wishing Well (ISH); Cathal Daniels with Tullibards Now Or Never (ISH); Patrick Eames with Martini; Sarah Ennis with Alshmemi; Dominic Furnell with Knockahunna French Twist (ISH)(TIH); Ciaran Glynn with Killossery Jupiter Rising (ISH)(TIH); Olivia Holohan with Prince Of Kings (ISH); Lexi Kilfeather with Battenburg; Nicole Lynch with Chasmarella (ISH); Michael McGaffin with Ferros Diablo; Michael McNally with Eclipto (ISH); Cathal Murphy with Master Downes; Nicky Nesbitt with Ringfort India; Jessica O’Driscoll with Clooney MS; Michael O’Toole with Greenfort Endeavour (ISH); Patricia Ryan with Ballylynch Brian Boru (ISH)(TIH); Hollie Smith with Baby Roller (ISH); Steven Smith with Springheeled (ISH); Stephanie Stammschroer with Master Swatch (ISH); Eimear White with Madame Que (ISH)

CCI J: Fionn Clarke with Glenpatrick Cool Guy (ISH); Rebecca Coonan with Jantar; Cillian Creedon with Spirit In The Sky (ISH); Lucy Hancock with Skyhills Cavalier (ISH) and Whitetree Sky (ISH)(TIH); Justine Harding with Coonlee Cabernet (ISH); Padraig Harrington with Tullabeg Vision; Patrick Mackie with Carneyhaugh Conquistador (ISH); Robyn McCluskey with Rum Jumbie (ISH); Maresa Ronan with Superjumbo; Ben Rowlatt-McCormick with Mon Ami Alme; India Ryan with Perfectly Dun Ardeo; Ellie Scott with Halcyon High Jinks; Mary Smiddy with Silken Scully; (ISH) Hollie Smith with Anvil Lodge Pinnochio and Hill Dancer (ISH); Stephanie Stammschroer with Tullabeg Horizon; Jim Tyrell with Rock Gift (ISH); Sofie Walshe with Kinsau

CIC P: Hannah Adams with Myshall Rodge; Ava Banahan with Rathnaleen Dark Secret; Isabelle Comerford with Colour Me Fancy (ISH); Sophie Foyle with Little Miss Fernhill (ISH)(TIH); Cameron Kiernan with Mr Blueskies and SOS Undeniable; Jennifer Kuehnle with Fernhill Timbacktoo; Kerry Magill with Lisnahall Miss Toffee (ISH)(TIH); Romy McCarthy with Aoifes Star (ISH); Harry Swan with Villa Prince


Competitors and Horses

Sunday: Grand Prix 13.00 GMT

CSI 3*: Bertram Allen with Christy Jnr and GK Casper; Anthony Condon with Balzac; Denis Lynch with Echo De Laubry and Retro III; Cian O’Connor with Concho, MTF Madame X and Super Sox; David Simpson with Cheesy 17 and Keoki

CSI 1*: Harry Allen with Fairytale 86 and High Valley; Anthony Condon with SFS Arla and Zira VH Kapelhof Z; Cian O’Connor with Lukas 1054; David Simpson with Starfighter

CSI L: Georgina Atock with Ezadermus PP and Quantana 7

CSI YH: Bertram Allen with Baila Du Loup and Calafrieda; Anthony Condon with Friso; Denis Lynch with LED Green

Competitors and Horses

Sunday: Grand Prix 14.00 GMT

CSI 2*: Michael Kearins with Avanti 236, Cerano 19 and Ivaro VD Brouwershoeve

CSI 1*: Michael Kearins with Evolien and Fantasy



Competitors and Horses

Sunday: Grand Prix

CSI 2*: Trevor Breen with Bombay, Enterprise and Escapade H; Jack Dodd with Dabelle, Eva W and Quarto Mail; Ciaran Dreeling with Lord Lenitas; Hayley Dunne with Dieschone; Alan Kelly with Calippa W, Chillout and Jendy S; Paul Kennedy with Cadans Z and Datero H; Harry Marshall with Barcelona and Chirokko M; Jeremy Sweetnam with Mountain Man HD

CSI 1*: Hayley Dunne with Aston D’La Rousserie; Frederick Goltz with Don Verdi, Eager and Miss Harley; Alan Kelly with Late Night and Le Petit Louis; Ella Quigley with Adermie 52, Grass and Madame Butterfly

CSI YH: Trevor Breen with Feliano B and Franklin; Ciaran Dreeling with Grace Emine W and Luettinghofs Charlie Harper; Paul Kennedy with H Day Van Bareelhof Z; Harry Marshall with Follyfoot Dolce Vita DBZ; Tom Slattery with Fix Blue, Haufom, Kamara Van’t Heike and Larca Van Erpecom; Jeremy Sweetnam with Can Fly 20 and Oliva 156


Competitors and Horses

Michael Pender with Can Ya Makan, ESI Georgia (ISH) and Z7 Cordanos Z

Competitors and Horses

Sunday: Grand Prix 15.40 GMT

Michael Pender with Can Ya Makan, ESI Georgia (ISH) and Z7 Cordanos V


Competitors and Horses

CEI 3*: Hilda Hick Donohue with DJB Seymora Spirit

CEI 1*: Hilda Hick Donohue with Al-Marah Speed