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Entries for: 14th - 20th Mar 2017

Competitors and Horses

Sunday: Grand Prix

CSI 3*: Paul Beecher with Asti 71, Cruising Star, Danqu, Eis Ikona and Loughnatousa Eric; Anthony Condon with Balzac, Douglas Delight (ISH), SFS Arla and Zira VH Kapelhof Z; Madelaine Gervais with Colorado, Miss Tonic (ISH), MS Clinton (ISH) and Tito (ISH); Cameron Hanley with Aiyetoro, Balthazar, Campari and Dalfsen; Dermott Lennon with Gelvins Touch (ISH) and The Precious One (ISH); Liam McKee with LMK Di Caprio (ISH); Charles O’Reilly Hyland with Enigma; Max O’Reilly Hyland with Ahmed Du Calvaire and Dorado; Joanne Sloan-Allen with Amigo Cascada M, Championes, Suma’s Zorro (ISH) and Vera

CSI 1*: Liam McKee with LMK Aristo

CSI YH: Paul Beecher with Glamstone; Anthony Condon with Beluga Z, Cushlas Reviro (ISH) and Friso; Cameron Hanley with Arany De Kergane and Quattro Loma SB; Liam McKee with Eskers Little Miss Quality (ISH)

Competitors and Horses

Sunday: Hermes Grand Prix 14.30 GMT

CSI 5*: Bertram Allen with Izzy By Picobello and Molly Malone V; Denis Lynch with Echo De Laubry and Van Helsing

CSI U25: Conor Drain with Audi’s Faults Free; Eoin McMahon with Baloukira


Competitors and Horses

Sunday: Grand Prix 13.45 GMT

CSI 3*: Michael Kearins with Ivaro VD Brouwershoeve and Miss G Tracy (ISH)

CSI YH: Michael Kearins with Fantasy


Competitors and Horses

CDI 3*: Rachel Dowley with Cadens; Anne-Marie Dunphy with Urbanus; Kate Dwyer with Snowdon Faberge; Alice Chilcott Hurley with Deseado CCV; Roland Tong with Rybrook Ambience

CDI J: Roisin Muirhead with Witto; Bethan Pereira with Djilano-Opbroeks

CDI P: Vicky Campbell with Be My Snowflake; Robyn O’Neill with Belsasser

Competitors and Horses

Sunday: Grand Prix 13.00 GMT

Ian Fives with Top Of The Hill; John Hickey with Boogie Woogie and Fairplay VH Hellehof


Competitors and Horses

Sunday: Grand Prix 10.00 GMT

CSI 2*: Declan McEvoy with BLM Cosmopolitan Dandy (ISH)

CSI 1*: Hazel James with Cavalchino (ISH)


Competitors and Horses

Sunday: Grand Prix 14.00 GMT

CSI 2*: Ivan Dalton with Lord Bi and Umano Des Dragons; Jack Dodd with Dabelle, Eva W and Quarto Mail; Edward Doyle Jnr with Billy Guilder and Chirokko M; Alan Kelly with Calippa W and Jendy S; Harry Marshall with Barcelona and Juicy (ISH)

CSI 1*: Frederick Goltz with Don Verdi, Eager and Miss Harley; Gavin Harley with Enjoy-P; Alan Kelly with Chillout and Late Night

CSI YH: Ivan Dalton with Big Bang Des Genets, Borneo Du Lesme and E’mbe Des Simes; Alan Kelly with Gambrinus, Good Chuck Von Der Held, Tourano and Vigo Van Koningspolder Z; Harry Marshall with Follyfoot Dolce Vita DBZ; Tom Slattery with Fix Blue, Haufom, Kamara Van’t Heike and Larca Van Erpecom

Competitors and Horses

CDI 3*: James Connor with Casino Royal and Riesling

CDI YH: James Connor with Totally More RH


Competitors and Horses

Sunday: Grand Prix 12.00 GMT

CSI 2*: Michelle Kenny with Aspe, Cothopo, RLE Egane and RLE Stefan Van De Heffinck; Sean Monaghan with Arena Z, C’mon Girl 2, I Do Van De Kwakkelhoek, Karina (ISH), Theoreme Du Desir and Upperfield CH; Rafael Sanctuary with Poynstown Will (ISH), RLE Carsonstown Lord (ISH), RLE Legoland (ISH), RLE Penhills Lady (ISH)(TIH), RLE Second City (ISH), RLE Spencers Dream and Sportsfield Chic

CSI YH: Michelle Kenny with RLE Avalon Du Carpont, RLE Beebopalula, RLE Cavalier Vivendi (ISH), RLE El Vira Z, RLE Nuans T Volt (ISH), RLE Sophies Joy and RLE Swagger (ISH); Sean Monaghan with Dignity (ISH) and Goya; Rafael Sanctuary with RLE Captain (ISH); Dan Walsh with Kerly De Regor

Competitors and Horses

Sunday: Grand Prix

CSI 2*: Frank Curran with Elamo Luz Like A Real One (ISH) and Newmarket Rena (ISH); Michael G Duffy with Chappo Chey, Lapuccino 2 (ISH), Murchu and Talks Cheap (ISH); Neal Fearon with Billy On Time and Cohiba VDL; Anabelle Heffron with Afrika and Porsha (ISH); Clem McMahon with Pacato (ISH), Pacifico (ISH) and Paparazzi (ISH); Jenny Rankin with Baccarat and Bennys Legacy; Josephine Sorensen with Caspar 194; Niall Talbot with Nicos De La Cense and Ultimate Z

CSI 1*: Frank Curran with Oliver Twister (ISH); Barry Drea with My Lady OL and Okehurst Miss Mexico; Michael G Duffy with Quasita Z and Taormina; Neal Fearon with Casy M&M Z, Das Pop De Rialfo and FTS Elliot; Anabelle Heffron with Brooklyn and Little Miss Lulu (ISH); Clem McMahon with Aldaluck (ISH); Katie Moffatt with Zandor Star; Jenny Rankin with Beech Hill Lucia (ISH), Kolinka Van De Witte Poort and X Flow Lightyear 2; Lucinda Roche with Hebe Van’t Palmenhof, Izar LB and WCE Falco (ISH); Josephine Sorensen with Catoki’s Lady SP and Sandrilo

CSI YH: Frank Curran with Baskin Diva (ISH) and Seducer (ISH); Barry Drea with Okehurst Mr Mexico; Michael G Duffy with Captain Maddox (ISH), Giulietta G, Goldeneye, Quantify (ISH) and Zoey 12; Clem McMahon with Hilton Alibi (ISH) and Hilton Hashtag (ISH); Jenny Rankin with Galway Pandora (ISH), MHS Attraction (ISH) and Sea Topblue (ISH); Jeremy Sweetnam with Can Fly 20 and Olivia 156; Niall Talbot with Bearnaise, Billy Stirling, Errol and FTS Killossery Konfusion (ISH)