Irish Sport Horse Studbook

Ireland is well known as being the birthplace of world showjumping and with the country’s long equestrian tradition it is not surprising that the Irish Sport Horse breed developed with an innate ability for the equestrian sports of showjumping and eventing.

The main composite breeds of the Irish Sport Horse are the Irish Draught Horse and the Thoroughbred. There is also a considerable amount of cross breeding with continental warmbloods breed in the Irish Sport Horse Studbook. The unique composition of the breed gives the Irish Sport Horse it’s much sought after, characteristics of athleticism, jumping ability, courage, intelligence and soundness.

Irish Sport Horses compete successfully at the highest level of every equestrian discipline. For generations Irish horses have dominated the eventing circuit and the Studbook has been the leading eventing Studbook in the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses (WBFSH) Studbook rankings every year since the conception of the rankings in 1994 with the exception of 2010 when they finished in 2nd and in 2011 when they took 3rd place.

Paulank Brockagh

2014 Badminton CCI4* Winners: Sam Griffiths (AUS) &Paulank Brockagh (ISH)

Apart from its success at international level the Irish Sport Horse is an ideal leisure horse. Its ability to look after and help its rider in any situation makes the breed a safe and popular choice for the amateur rider.

Paul Estermann (SUI) & Castlefield Eclipse (ISH)

Paul Estermann (SUI) & Castlefield Eclipse (ISH)