Irish Sport Horse Studbook

The main composite breeds of the Irish Sport Horse are the Irish Draught and the Thoroughbred. Varying proportions of these breeds result in the production of Irish Sport Horses. In recent years there has also been an infusion of Continental Warmblood breeds into the Irish Sport Horse.

The Irish Draught and Thoroughbred has proven to be a very successful cross and gives the Irish Sport Horse its unique and much sought after characteristics of strength, intelligence, athleticism, versatility and, above all, a wonderful temperament. Irish Sport Horses have travelled all over the world and are found competing successfully at the highest level in every equestrian discipline.

The Irish Sport Horse should be a functionally correct model of balanced proportions that is conducive to successful performance at international level in FEI disciplines. The horse should move correctly, be light-footed, balanced and supple with good self-carriage and impulsion from the hindquarters. The horse should have a good temperament, be rideable, intelligent and willing to perform. Irish Sport Horses should have courage, be careful when jumping with good technique and scope.


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