FEI Entry & Results: 8 - 13 August 2017

Entry Details

Jumping: Samorin , Slovakia - European Championships for Young Riders, Juniors & Children On Horses
8 - 13 August 2017

Competitors and Horses

Tuesday: Children On Horses 1st Qualifier 14.00 GMT

Wednesday: Young Riders 1st Qualifier 08.30 GMT; Juniors 1st Qualifier 13.30 GMT

Thursday: Children On Horses Team Final 14.45 GMT

Friday: Juniors Team Final 11.30 GMT; Young Riders Team Final 16.00 GMT

Saturday: Children On Horses Individual Final 16.00 GMT

Sunday: Young Riders Individual Final 13.30 GMT; Juniors Individual Final 16.30 GMT

CH EU Y: Anna Duff with Baron XVIII; Michael G Duffy with Lapuccino 2 (ISH); Lucinda Roche with WCE Falco (ISH); Sofie Slattery with Valentine Du Bois Pinchet; Jonathan Smyth with Charlton Clio (ISH)

CH EU J: Cormac Foley with Ballylynch Wizard; Patrick Hickey with Quandurina; Jessica Kuehnle with Chrysander H; Jack Ryan with Cavalier Teaca (ISH)

CH EU Ch: Orla Duffy with Frederic 139; Natasha Kerr with Chekane (ISH); Sarah Moore with What A Lass; Ella Quigley with F