Safeguarding Training/Courses

Safeguarding Training Policy 

Please review the Horse Sport Ireland Safeguarding Training Policy to determine if your role requires safeguarding, training, the level required and the renewal specifications for the relevant training.


Safeguarding Course Dates

In the section below you will find upcoming Safeguarding Course Dates for Horse Sport Ireland Courses run in conjunction with Sport Ireland. There is also details for Local Sports Partnerships and Sport NI who also offer the courses.

1. Safeguarding 1 Basic Awareness Workshop in Child Welfare & Protection  – a must for anyone working with children!

All Coaches, Club Children’s Officers and Designated Liaison Persons must first complete the 3 hour Child Welfare & Protection Basic Awareness Course.  This course educates participants on the implementation of best practice in protecting the welfare of children involved in sport. This course must be renewed every three years.


2. Safeguarding 2 – Club Children’s Officer (CCO) Workshop – a must for all Club Children’s Officers

The old six hour Children’s Officer Training Course has been replaced by two separate three hour courses.

A Club Children’s Officer should be child centered in focus and have as the primary aim the establishment of a child centered ethos within the club. S/he is the link between the children and the adults in the club.  S/he also takes responsibility for monitoring and reporting to the Club Management Committee on how club policy impacts on young people and Sports Leaders. The Children’s Officer msut complete Safeguarding 1 training and then Safeguarding 2 training.


3. Safeguarding 3 – Designated Liaison Person (DLP) Workshop

The third part of the ISC Child Welfare & Protection Training Programme is the Designated Liaison Person workshop.

A person appointed to the Designated Liaison Person position in a club must have completed the Basic Awareness Workshop in Child Welfare & Protection and should complete the NEW Designated Liaison Person 3 hour workshop. A club may appoint the same person to both the CCO and DLP positions however best practice advises that they are kept as separate role


Safeguarding 1 – Online Refresher (ROI and NI)

For those who have competed a Safeguarding 1 course face to face previously, can now renew their certificate online through Sport Northern Ireland or Sport Ireland’s Online Safeguarding Refresher Courses.

Sport NI On-line Refresher

Sport NI offer an on-line facility where there is a refresher course available for the Safeguarding Children and Young People(NI and Safeguarding 1 Basic Awareness (ROI) course. The link below will bring you to the live page, where you will create an account and you can then complete the refresher course. Successful completion of the refresher course will allow you to print a copy of your new certificate at the end of the on-line refresher. Please not YOU MUST HAVE previously attended a Safeguarding 1 Course in a classroom setting or your on-line refresher certificate will not be valid.

N.B. When prompted to enter your Sport in the registration section please ensure to enter Equestrian.

Sport Ireland On-line Refresher

Sport Ireland has now gone live with an on line Safeguarding 1 Refresher, a web based education resource aimed at providing further training to those who have previously attended a Safeguarding workshop or equivalent.

The content contains four modules which will provide persons in roles with regular responsibility for children an opportunity to learn about:
i. best practice procedure;
ii. understanding of why safeguarding children and young people in sport is important;
iii. recognising the different categories of child abuse and identify the signs of abuse;
iv. and the responding, recording and reporting issues of poor practice or abuse.

Please not YOU MUST HAVE previously attended a Safeguarding 1 Course in a classroom setting or your on-line refresher certificate will not be valid.

N.B. After completing the online test and when prompted to enter your Sport please select Horse Sport, When prompted for your NGB please select Horse Sport Ireland, county, club and name are personal to yourself so please complete as such.


Local Sports Partnerships (LSPs)

There are a number of Local Sports Partnerships across Ireland who also provide Safeguarding training through Sport Ireland that will also be accepted by Horse Sport Ireland. To find a Sports Partnership near you please click here.

Children First E-Learning Programme

Tusla has developed a universal e-learning training programme called ‘Introduction  to Children First’. The programme has been written to support people of all backgrounds and experience in recognising concerns about children and reporting such concerns if they arise.

The programme is based on Children First: National Guidance for the Protection and Welfare of Children and the Children First Act 2015.

The programme takes approximately 1.5 hours to complete but it can be done in a number of sittings. The programme will allow you to log back in and resume where you left off. It covers topics including:

  • Recognising and reporting child abuse;
  • The role of mandated persons;
  • The responsibilities of organisations working with children to safeguard children;
  • The role of designated liaison persons.

You will need to create an account using an email address to log in and complete the programme. This allows you to complete the training gradually over time. When you have completed the programme, you will receive a certificate of completion directly to your email address. Please click below to complete the training.