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Csi4* Hickstead Great Britain June 26 – 29 2008

Olive Clarke with Butlers Pantry Spitfield (ISH), Butlers Pantry Paradise G and Starboard (ISH), Alex Duffy with Iris Du Bateau and Courtown, Trevor Breen with Adventure De Kannon and Athea Clover Mist, Peter Smyth with Rolo Tomasi (ISH), Hygie De Golf and Karla, Shane Breen with Royal Concorde (ISH), Little Ear and My Lord Del, David Simpson with Cruise With Me (ISH) and Killygordon (ISH), Gary Quinn with Recuerdame (ISH) and PMR Caballero, Damien Griffin with Lissyegan Clover Diamond (ISH), Ronan McLaughlin with Illnois De Cabdula

Csi5*/Csi1* Monte-Carlo Monaco June 26 – 28 2008

CSI5*: Denis Lynch with Shamrock and Nabab's Son CSI1*: Joanne Sloan-Allen with Heritage Spirit (ISH) and Zanoubia

Csi2* Neuendorf Switzerland June 26 – 29 2008

Damian Dixon with Laslo, Valderai, Quinton Lot Du and Valderai, Thomas Ryan with Atomic Mouse (ISH), Bolzano Van De Loise Heide, Cassi and Bartholi, Niall Talbot with Onisha, Kalinka De Chaumes and Nina Des Ulis

Cic3*-W/Cci3*/Cic2*/Cic1* Strzegom Poland June 26 – 29 2008

CIC3*-W: Capt. Terrence White with Roma M.L. CIC3*: Capt. Geoff Curran with Balladeer Alfred (ISH) CIC2*: Capt. Terrence White with Funny's Diamond M.L. (ISH) and Shine On M.L. (ISH), Lt. Brian Curran-Cournane with Rossbeigh (ISH)

Csiop/Csip/Csij Aach Germany June 19 – 22 2008

CSIP: Richard Howley with Pappillon and Our Foreman CSIOP: Jessica Burke with Bean Alaining (ISH), Vincent Byrne with Fortview Master (ISH), Jordan Coyle with Frere Jacque, Michael Duffy with Choice Sun Beam (ISH) and Silver Shadow (CP), Emily Turkington with Future Interest (ISH) and Passauf

Csi1* Drammen Norway June 19 – 21 2008 / Csio4* Drammen Norway June 20 – 22 2008

CSI1*: Cameron Hanley with S.I.E.C. Ratina Z and S.I.E.C. Totalos B.J. CSIO4*: Shane Breen with Leon De Vinci and Little Ear, David Simpson with Cruise With Me (ISH) and Killygordon(ISH), Cameron Hanley with S.I.E.C. Caro Ass and Southwind VDL, Anthony Condon with Goldex and Cavinem (ISH) Individual rider: Mark Flynn with Ballinclover Boy (ISH) and Highlander

Csi3* Norten-Hardenberg Germany June 19 – 22 2008

Thomas Ryan with Urleven Van De Helle, Aapart, Gran Carthago and Bartholi, Denis Lynch with Upsilon D'Ocquier, Lantinus, Nabab's Son and Shamrock

Csi2* Bonheiden Belgium June 20 – 22 2008

Enda Carroll with Bonita, Nike, Rackel Chavannaise and Ralisca, Ivan Dalton with Ularetti-B, Watch-Me VH Grootveld and Lollipop

Csio5* Rotterdam Netherlands June 18 – 22 2008

Shane Carey with River Foyle (ISH), Edward Doyle with Arnold, Bluebai and Sequoyah Farms Utopia, David O'Brien with Kiltoom (ISH) and Mo Chroi (ISH), Cian O'Connor with Baloufina, Complete and Rancorrado, Niall Talbot with Onisha and Tequi d'I CH

Csi4* Vilamoura Portugal June 20 – 22 2008

Marion Hughes with Good Lucky Girl, Heritage Transmission (ISH) and HHS Cheiro (ISH), Harry Marshall with Mandarin Smoke (ISH), Morning Star and CNC

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