2019 Horse Sport Ireland Stallion Selections Announced

  • 29 March 2019, 20:53

The 2019 HSI Stallion Selections took place over two days on the 27th and 28th of March in Cavan Equestrian Centre. In total 33 stallions were presented for inspection, 15 Irish Sport Horse stallions, 14 Irish Draught stallions, three Thoroughbreds and one pony stallion.

Two stallions were Approved, GLEN MOSS (IRE) is a Thoroughbred stallion with a Timeform rating of 109 who met the approval criteria, when completing the linear profile assessment for his conformation and movement. The second stallion is CORPORAL VDL (WESTF), a high-performance stallion presented for linear profiling and meeting all the requirements to be Approved in the Irish Sport Horse Studbook.

In the Irish Draught stallion selections, 14 stallions were presented for inspection and four achieved Class 1 status. In addition, there was a Bronze awarded to one Class 1 stallion.

Matt Garrigan with Chacco’s Charlie PS (Photo: Laurence Dunne/jumpinaction.net)

Of the 15 stallions presented for Stage 1 for the Irish Sport Horse Studbook, seven met the requirements.  Two of these stallions went on to present for Stage 2 assessment and met the requirements to be classified as Preliminary Approved.

Castlegar Cool Grove (ID C1)

Commenting on the 2019 inspections, Alison Corbally, HSI Director of Breeding and Programmes, stated:

“With 33 stallions coming forward, the presentation and turnout of both Irish Draught and Irish Sport Horse stallions was impressive. Congratulations to all breeders, owners and handlers concerned. There were some interesting bloodlines in the Irish Draught stallions that came forward, and it was pleasing that Castlegar Cool Grove who is from the Prince Henry RID 5 threatened sire line met the criteria for Class 1. The standard of the Sport Horse stallions presented was particularly high this year with a good selection of High Performance, TIH, Thoroughbred and younger stallions coming forward. Irish breeders will have an opportunity to see the two Preliminary Approved Stallions and a number of the stallions who met the stage 1 requirements competing this season.”

Provisional Irish Sport Horse Studbook Stallion Inspection Results 2019

Stallion Name YOB Sire Dam Sire Owner Classification
Corporal VDL (WESTF) 2006 Cardento (HOLST) Grosso Z (HANN) Eamon McArdle Approved


Glen Moss (IRE) (TB) 2009 Moss Vale (IRE) (TB) Saddlers Hall (IRE) (TB) Tommy McMahon Approved


Stallion Name YOB Sire Dam Sire Owner Classification
Chacco’s Charlie PS (MECKL) 2013 Chacco Blue (MECKL) Charlie Z (ZANG) Matt Garrigan Preliminary Approved
Ganesh Hero Z (ZANG) 2014 Gemini (CLONE) (TB) Diamant De Semilly (SF) Luc Henry Preliminary Approved




Stallion Name YOB Sire Dam Sire Owner Classification
Ballyfore Amused (ISH) 2015 Pollux De Muze Z (ZANG) Errigal Flight (ISH) (TIH) Elaine O’Neill Not Approved 1
Democrat (ISH)(TIH) 2008 Simply Javlin (ISH) (TIH) Clover Echo (ISH) (TIH) Lee Johnston Not Approved 1
Indigo VDL (KWPN) 2013 Inshallah De Muze (BWP) Stakkato (HANN) Ivor Broderick Not Approved 1
Lord Latino (KWPN) 2016 Connect (HOLST) Timeless (KWPN) Shane Nolan Not Approved 1
President Z (ZANG) 2015 Pino (KWPN) VDL Arkansas (KWPN) David O’Donnell Not Approved 1


Provisional Irish Draught Horse Studbook Stallion Inspection Results 2019


Stallion Name YOB Sire Dam Sire Owner Classification
Cappa Sarsfield

(ID C1)

2015 Cappa Cassanova (IDC1) Cappa Cochise (IDC1) James Quinn Class 1
Castlegar Cool Grove

(ID C1)

2016 Castlegar Fin Grove (IDC1) All The Diamonds (IDC1) Tom Burke Class 1
Columcille Diamond Boy

(ID C1)

2012 Grange Bouncer (IDC1) Classic Vision (IDC1) Rita Coughlan Class 1 and BRONZE
Welcome Grandpa

(ID C1)

2013 Ard Grandpa (IDC1) Welcome Flagmount (IDC1) Matthew Page Class 1



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