Irish Horse Board

The Irish Horse Board is a co-operative society with more than 32,000 shareholders historically. An individual member is deemed to be an Active IHB Shareholder if he/she has transacted any IHB shareholder business in any of the three calendar years immediately proceeding the current reference year.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Irish Horse Board Co-operative Society is Mr Tiernan Gill and the Director General & Secretary is Ms Nadia Rea. The current Board Members of the Irish Horse Board are:

  • Tiernan Gill (Chairman) [Region 4]
  • Comdt Geoff Curran [Region 1]
  • Mr Helen Kelly [Region 1]
  • Ms Marguerite Ryan [Region 2]
  • Ms Marion Hughes (Vice Chairperson) [Region 2]
  • Ms Elizabeth Deane [Region 3]
  • Mr Pat McCarthy [Region 3]
  • Mr Liam Lynskey [Region 4]
  • Dr Jack Murphy [Ministers nominee]
  • Mr Neil Henry [Region 5]
  • Mr Gerry Flynn [Region 5]

The website for the Irish Horse Board is and email address for the Irish Horse Board is