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IHB Press Release 14th July 2020:

Irish Horse Board (IHB) BPAC Nominees 2020 – seeking expressions of interest from members

The Irish Horse Board (IHB) is a membership organisation for breeders and primary producers of Irish horses and ponies (Irish Sport Horses, Irish Draught Horses, Irish Cobs and Irish Sport Ponies) with in excess of 8,000 currently active members/shareholders.

The IHB is affiliated to Horse Sport Ireland and is currently in the process of nominating suitably qualified individuals to represent various studbooks on the Horse Sport Ireland Breeding and Production Advisory Council (BPAC).

The role of the BPAC is to provide advice to Horse Sport Ireland in support of the development of strategy, policy, funding activity and sustainability in the sport horse breeding sector.

The studbooks that the IHB Nominees will represent include:

  • Irish Sport Horse Studbook – Three Ordinary Members (3 seats)
  • Irish Draught Horse Studbook – Two Ordinary Members (2 seats)
  • Irish Cob Studbook – One Ordinary Member (1 seat)
  • Irish Sport Pony Studbook – One Ordinary Member (1 seat)

Nominees hold seats for a two-year term and participate in typically four (4) BPAC meetings per annum dealing with matters of studbook policy, breeding and production while representing the interests of their specific studbook and the wider IHB membership.  Meetings are likely to be held via online platforms such as Microsoft Teams and individuals may participate remotely.

All current IHB shareholders or members are eligible and the IHB is now seeking expressions of interest from suitably qualified individuals to take on an IHB Nominee position on the BPAC for a two-year term from 1st August 1 2020. Some of the key attributes required include:

  • Extensive knowledge of breeding sport horses/ponies
  • Understand breeding policy and issues arising for sport horse studbooks
  • Business acumen to assist the discussion about modern day studbook business
  • Understand EU & Irish legislation related to sport horses
  • Knowledge of innovative breeding techniques like embryo transfer, genetic testing, etc.
  • Understand the issues on the ground facing breeders
  • Identify improvements for studbooks and processes applied for studbook entry
  • Understand and be familiar with trends in other WBFSH studbooks
  • Network amongst young breeders with discussions and trends on breeding programmes

Individuals wishing to express interest should contact the IHB via email to info@ihb.ie or call 045 854511.