AIRC announces 2013 Lancelot Awards shortlist

  • 13 December 2013, 13:36

THE shortlist of nominees for the seventh annual Association of Irish Riding Clubs Lancelot Awards has been announced following a recent meeting of the Executive Committee.

There are four categories of awards on offer including the club of the year, club secretary of the year, club member of the year and also the person of the year award.

These awards recognise the efforts of our volunteer members who perform their duties with the utmost of diligence while organising or helping at club, regional or national events.

The award recipients will be determined by a voting process that will allow a jury decide 50% of the vote while the remaining 50% will be cast by the registered clubs of the Association. Each club will be issued with a voting paper in the coming weeks and they’re asked to list 1 to 4 in each category in order of the clubs preference.

A.I.R.C. chairman Tony Ennis said, “the contribute our volunteers make each year is priceless and our Lancelot Awards is our way of recognising their efforts on behalf of the Association.”

“It was a difficult task for the Executive Committee to try and produce this years short list as there were so many worthy candidates. I would like to wish them all the very best of luck during the voting process.”

The results will be announced at the Association’s Annual General Meeting next year.

This year’s nominees include:

Club of the Year:

·       Barrow Valley

·       Border Counties

·       Clonshire

·       Tynagh

Club Secretary of the Year:

·       Jeanine Curtis (Castle Hill)

·       Anne Little (Arderin)

·       Christine Mc Williams (Corrib)

·       Tracey Rooney (Carne)

Club Member of the Year:

·       Caroline Bellew (Border Counties)

·       Thomas Daniels (Tynagh)

·       Sarah Jane Doyle (Three Rocks)

·       Shellie Murtagh (Clonlara)

Person of the Year:

·       Geraldine Bellew (Border Counties)

·       Patricia Buckley (Calliaghstown)

·       Paul Hughes (Tonabrockey)

·       Mary O’ Sullivan (Clonshire)

Further information on each nominee will be available on once the voting papers have been distributed.

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