AIRC introduces changes to Dressage grading rules

  • 15 December 2013, 13:52

THE Association of Irish Riding Clubs is introducing changes to the grading rules for 2014 which mainly relate to the dressage discipline.

Under current rules when grading a rider, the following applies:

·       Only one grade span is permitted between the three disciplines of dressage, show jumping and cross-country (i.e. AI/AI/I, AP/I/AP, I/I/AP, etc.)

·       In special circumstances, where a rider is permitted to have a two grade span higher in dressage only, the jumping grades must be equal. (i.e. O/I/I, AI/AP/AP, etc.)

·       The cross-country grade must be equal to or lower than the show jumping grade.

From 1st January 2014, a member may have a grade span of more than two grades in dressage only. This means a rider may be graded Open for dressage while being graded at Advanced Primary for show jumping and cross-country.

Where a rider is seeking a span of two grades or higher in dressage only, approval must be first sought at regional level and this must then be sanctioned by Board of Directors / National Office before the change can be permitted. Where there is a grade span of one or more, the show jumping and cross-country grade must be equal.

A higher co-efficient will apply to riders, with a greater grade span, who take part in horse trials competitions.

Club Secretaries and members are asked to contact National Office if they have any queries relating to these new changes which will be published in the rule book for 2014 in the new year.

A.I.R.C. chairman Tony Ennis, “We are introducing this change to assist some of our members who excel in dressage but maybe haven’t the confidence to take part in show jumping and cross-country within the Association.”

“By allowing a greater difference, we hope it will encourage them to become more active in these jumping disciplines.” he added.

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