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Entries for: 21st - 27th Sep 2021

Competitors and Horses

CCI4*S: Susannah Berry with Ringwood LB (ISH).

Competitors and Horses

CSI3*: Shane Breen with Cuick Star Kervec, Gait L and Vistogrand; Anthony Condon with SFS Aristio, SFS Vincomte and Zira VH Kapelhof Z.

CSI1*: Lauren Devine with Vega O’Moulin; Isabel Fitzpatrick with Fourth Of July, HHS Fondue (ISH) and SHW Candies Diamond.

CSIYH1*: Shane Breen with Cato Boy and Champagne VH Bergerhof Z; Anthony Condon with Belllllevue Celestial (ISH) and Creevyquiunn Pearl (ISH).

CSIAm-A: Lauren Devine with Susanna.

Competitors and Horses

CH-M-YH-S: Janne Blair with Tranquility Bay (ISH); Abigail Boland with BP Fandango (ISH); Trevor Breen with Jicarla T; Timmy Brennan with Diadema Della Caccia; Greg Broderick with Go Lightly and Olivia De Muze N; Jessica Burke with Ashdale Divine and Billy Utah; Alexander Butler with Conquida De Revel PS and Corlino PS; Nicholas Butler withy Nala NBS and Origi V/H Dingenshof; Vincent Byrne with CBI Bella Donna and Quality-Time Van Het Heieinde; Tomas Doyle with Monbeg Ruby; Ciaran Dreeling with Jataki; Alex Finney with MHS Style (ISH); Susan Fitzpatrick with Keatingstown Leia (ISH); Jason Foley with Boleybawn Evie (ISH), Calvador Z and Killossery Karma (ISH); Kevin Gallagher with BP Winston, Cariati D’Elsendam Z and LVS Goldrush H; Oliver Raymond Glancy with Clonterm Obolensky (ISH); Shane Goggins with CBI Karhari (ISH); Jason Higgins with Heritage MBF (ISH); Richard Howley with Kaatje AD; Seamus Hughes-Kennedy with ESI Ali (ISH) and ESI Jet Set (ISH); Derek McConnell with Inlaws Manolo (ISH); Stephen Murphy with She’s Got It (ISH); Thomas O’Brien with Colui (ISH); Aoife O’Connor with Lucardo O; Paddy O’Donnell with Tullogher Lady Liberty (ISH); Shane O’Meara with Jean Couture; Gerard O’Neill with Acapella Van Overis Z, Castlefield Cornet and Far West De Hus; Alan O’Regan with Seaview Demonstration (ISH); Max O’Reilly Hyland with Aconzina PS and BP Limitless (ISH); Michael Pender with Cubix Van De Berghoeve Z, GCS Athena (ISH), HHS Tokyo (ISH) and Serena VD Berghoeve Z; Sophie Richards with Pablo C; Darragh Ryan with Courtwood Tinky; Cora Sharkey with AHG Whiterock De Muze of Cruise (ISH), Lisboy Emerald (ISH) and Lisboy Mermus (ISH).

Jumping: Grimaud, France - CSI5*
22 - 26 September 2021

Competitors and Horses

CSI5*: Mark McAuley with Castlefield (ISH), Django Ste Hermelle and Jasco VD Bisschop.

Competitors and Horses

CSI3*: Alan Kelly with Jendy S.

CSI1*: Alan Kelly with Le Petit Louis.

Competitors and Horses

CSIOY-NC: Katie Jane Conlon with Ping Ball (ISH); Aisling McGuinness with ESI Nelson (ISH) and Kilderrys Joint Venture (ISH); Ciaran Nallon with Blue Baron and Connery; Kayleigh Soden with ARD Leaderman (ISH); Abbie Sweetnam with Barcelona, Brown Star Z and Joey.

CSIOJ-NC: Eoin Brennan with Ninparo; Caragh Charlton with Galina and Miss Belgium; Ciaran Foley with Ballylynch Wizard (ISH) and Kingsborough Verdiva; Ryan Sweetnam with One And Only Spartacus and Quisto; Rhys Williams with Conthanja, Cowboy Balou and Playboy JT Z.

CSIOP-NC: James Brennan with MHS Glow (ISH); James Derwin with Cul Ban Mistress (ISH); Katie McEntee with Ardfry Skye (CP) and My Gypsy Rose (ISH); Paddy Reape with Invisible E Van Het Juxschot, Massaqua T and Valma De Fougnard; Coen Williams with Dun The Business, Flavia and Saxton Freedam.

CSIOCh-NC: Alanna Fagan with Ballycarrick Lass (ISH); Jill Greene with Master Holiday (ISH); Chloe Hughes Kennedy with Zuidam; Alice Moloney with Cosima; Robert Russell with Loberon.

CSIP: Alanna Fagan with Kilkillahara Beauty (ISH); Marta Hughes-Bravo with HHS Mustang Sally (ISH).

CSIJ-A: James Brennan with MHS Jersey Girl (ISH); Gabrielle Enright with Bentley.

CSIY-A: Jack Brennan with MHS Im The One (ISH).

Competitors and Horses

CSI2*: Jonathan Corrigan with Dollar Champeix and Fair Play; Daniel Coyle with Amalia and Imar; Paul O’Shea with Hellcat and Voodoo.

CSI5*-MLSJ: Jonathan Corrigan with Loughnavatta Indigo (ISH) and Super Chilled (ISH); Jordan Coyle with Ariso and Picador; Paul O’Shea with Chancelloress and Squirt Gun.

Competitors and Horses

CH-EU-CCI4*-L: Clare Abbott with Jewelent (ISH); Cathal Daniels with LEB Lias Jewel (ISH); Padraig McCarthy with Leonidas II; Joseph Murphy with Cesar V; Sam Watson with Ballybolger Talisman (ISH)[TIH].

Competitors and Horses

CCI1*-Intro: Kaycie Aherne with Kangaroo Jack (ISH); Bryan Bourke with Killea Quality Cruise (ISH); Ella Boyle with Denali; Sarah Bradford with Candy West (ISH) and Kilmastulla Carly Q (ISH); Alex Byrne with Major Cross (ISH); Oleana Cowan with Ballylee Roller (ISH); Connie Cullen with Finding Nemo; Eliza Culloty with Grantstown True Loves (ISH); Charlotte De Montmorency with Rickamore Notion (ISH); Melian Griffith with Monstrea Excalibur (ISH); Sorcha Hanly with My Seafield Romeo (ISH); Mary Horgan with Duniro (ISH); Felicity Johnston with Fernisky Fantasy (ISH); Zoe Kavanagh with Farrellys Tavern (ISH); Leah Knight with VSI Hendricks; Erin Mathieson with Longwood Dawn (ISH); Lucy Rose McCarthy with Gorthanedin Mist (ISH); Erin McClernon with Sundance III; Amy McDonagh with Forest View Anne (ISH); Katie McEntee with Summit; Kate McLaughlin with Bocade Renaissance (ISH); Lara McRobb with Carrickaduff Dame (ISH); Charlotte McSharry with Fairy of Hearts; Jayne Moore with Laylas Way (ISH); Emily Murphy with Leroy Brown (ISH); Nicky Nesbitt with Ringfort India (ISH); Tom Nestor with Freddie; Rachel O’Callaghan with Heisacoolhand (ISH); Rolline O’Callaghan with Splendid B (ISH); Marie O’Connor with Blessington Kings Lier (ISH); Molly O’Connor with Coolnaleen Rebel (ISH); Alex O’Hare with Greylands Diamond Girl; Eva O’Neill with Woody Sammy (ISH); Claire O’Ryan with Carhu Melody (ISH) and Fanta Cross (ISH); Sarah O’Shea with The Cherookee Flight (ISH) and Youngstars Cheetah (ISH); Grace Sandys with Ardeo Altair (ISH); Clare Steele with R Ballerina (ISH); Hannah Wentges with Rock On Rio (ISH); Hannah Willis with Mr Beau Beaut (ISH).

CCI2*-L: Leila Baker with Double Sixteen (ISH); Blathnaid Boyd with Mr OBOS Hullabaloo (ISH); Ian Cassells with Brookwood Supersable (ISH), Rosconnell Alto (ISH) and Shanbo Super Flex (ISH); Sian Coleman with Blarney Acacia (ISH) and Blarney Monbeg Pepper (ISH); Tori Dixon with Mawillan (ISH); Katherine Duffy with Corbally Diamond (ISH); Holly Love with DSL Allegra (ISH); Michael McNally with Port Sunshine (ISH); Daniel Meagher with A Classic Sportsfield (ISH); Michelle O’Driscoll with Ringwood Figaro (ISH); Ted O’Leary with My BAllintoghers Cracker Jack (ISH); Jonathan Hugh Steele with Red Raclette (ISH); Megan Telford-Kelly with General Trend (ISH); Patrick Whelan with Jovial Dutch Gold (ISH); Christopher White with Ladycraft (ISH).

CCI2*-S: Jully Casey with Fernhill Mix And Match (ISH); Ben Connors with Cornafest Fred (CP); Alice Copithorne with Fort Arthur Little Dolly (ISH); Anna Cox with Frankfort Ronnie (ISH); Dayna-Ann Curtis with Cillnabradden Cuig (ISH); Jude Donohue with Poynstown Cubby (ISH); Ava Dowley with Cullion Kemira (ISH); Sarah Ennis with Dourough Ferro Class Act (ISH); Dominic Furnell with Luxys Time (ISH); Hannah Gayer with Advena (ISH); Davina Gray with Hacklim Moxie (ISH); Alison Holden with Lates Eddie (ISH); Alannah Kelly with Albert and Stroke Of Genius (ISH); Matthew Kelly with Ah To Be Sure (ISH); Freya Kennedy with Carrickview Diamond Gayle (ISH); Cameron Kiernan with Fernhill Inferno (ISH) and Fernhill Nearly Darc (ISH); Leah Knight with Hattori Hanzo (ISH); Amelia McCarthy with Tillystown Girl (ISH); Michael McNally with EE Parlanti Cruise (ISH); Eva Melly with Ardeo San Diego (ISH); Brian Morrison with Global Fugitive (ISH); Susana Mullen with Miracle (ISH); Andrew Napier with Hazelfene Elsa (ISH); Rodney O’Donnell with Dartans Hillcrest (ISH); Molly O’Neill with Deloughtane Dream (ISH); Ciara Power with Stonehavens Soprendo (ISH); Elisabeth Power with Oakland Quality (ISH); Lucca Stubington with Kiltown Watson (ISH); Patrick Whelan with Altitu (ISH); Josh Williamson with Ardeo Fireman.

CCI3*-L: Gerald Bloomer with Shannondale Icarus (ISH); Ella Boyle with Catriona (ISH) and Grafenstolz Distinction; Patrick Martin Byrne with Oughterard Diva (ISH); Sarah Dowley with Bonmahon Liberation (ISH); Suzanne Hagan with OBOS Take One (ISH); Adam Haugh with Ballybolger Lionman (ISH); Elizabeth Hayden with Headleys Daredevil (ISH); Meghan Healy with Highvaro (ISH) and Weston Goodfella; Eva MElly with Wolf Vegas (ISH); Jim Newsam with Tullybee Renegade (ISH); James O’Haire with HFS Eclipse (ISH) and Liberty Belle (ISH); Michael O’Toole with First Obama (ISH); Alex Power with Lord Seekonig (ISH); Lizzie Schofield with Classicals Cash Back (ISH); Lucca Stubbington with Quingenti (ISH); Antonia Ward with Christopher Robin 2.

CCI3*-L: Adam Benson-Byrne with Sea Whitestrand (ISH); Ella Boyle with WKD Cooley (ISH); Leila Byrne with Ricardo Cruise (ISH); Patrick Martin Byrne with Boleys Maximum (ISH); Janie Cairns with Premier Charlie ((ISH); Alice Copithorne with Fairytale (ISH); Ellen Creed with Interface; Tara Dixon with Master Smart (ISH); Katherine Duffy with Thaddias Brown (ISH); Sarah Ennis with Action Lady M (ISH); Davina Gray with Balief Clover (ISH); Adam Haugh with Carsonstown Cruise (ISH); Robyn McCluskey with Carnstown Alice (ISH); Daniel Meagher with Ambassador (ISH); Zara Nelson with OLS King Aragon (ISH); Emma Newsam with Kilcooley Michael and MaGennis (ISH); Michael O’Toole with Icco; Jodie O’Keefe with Reenmore Duke (ISH); Elizabeth Power with Greenfort Gorgeous George (ISH) and Society Diamond (ISH); Michael Ryan with Claragh Olala (ISH) and TR Kaygraff (ISH); Casey Webb with Aprils Pacino Time (ISH); Patrick Whelan with Piltown OBOS (ISH); Terence B. White with Swatch This (ISH).

CCI4*-S: Gerald Bloomer with DSL The Entertainer (ISH); Heidi Brabazon with Red Ace (ISH); Ian Cassells with Woodend Farm Jack O D (ISH); Sarah Dowley with Rubix Kube (ISH); Sarah Ennis with Horseware Woodcourt Garrison (ISH); Alex Houston with Skyfall Echo (ISH); Lexi Kilfeather with Lord Of The Morning (ISH); Jennifer Kuehnle with Polly Blue Eyes; Lucy Latta with RCA Patron Saint (ISH); Jamie Nolan with Corraghoe Charmer (ISH); James O’Haire with Dalestown Castlebar HFS (ISH); Alyssa O’Neill with Colacentric (ISH); Michael Ryan with Claragh Mountain (ISH); Jonathan Hugh Steele with Centre Stage.