ANNOUNCEMENT – HSI extends deadline for registering older horses at 2022 rates

  • 23 February 2023, 18:30

Horse Sport Ireland (HSI) has extended its deadline for registering yearlings and older horses at the 2022 rates until March 16th. Details have been communicated to breeders via SMS and email.

Having made changes to its pricing structure for its Studbook and Registration services that came into effect from January 1, 2023, HSI offered a lead-in period of six weeks at the 2022 rates to enable breeders and owners to avail of the previous adult registration rate.

That period ended on February 14th and HSI would like to thank those breeders who registered the horses within this timeframe.

Since the announcement last December, HSI has received a higher than anticipated number of registrations received with adult registration figures up over 360 per cent, year-to-date, on 2022.

While the deadline was advertised extensively through national, regional and industry media, shared widely on social media and distributed via email, some owners and breeders were unaware of the date and were therefore unable to register and process payment before February 14th.

HSI understands that this can happen is pleased to now extend the deadline from today – for four weeks – until March 16th.

This will be the only extension to the reduced fees and from close of business on March 16th they will move to the following new rates.

Anyone who has already paid the new rates after the deadline passed for adult registrations will be credited the difference to their account – or will be refunded if requested.

HSI reminds anyone who has a foal or foals to register this year to do so at their earliest convenience as fees rise substantially for registering the same animal as an adult next year.



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