Another great year!

  • 30 December 2015, 17:06

THANKS to all our loyal followers, Team Ireland Equestrian has had a record year in the media.

The growth in Facebook has been unprecedented, with Team Ireland’s page now exceeding 64,000 Likes, an increase of 20,000 since the beginning of 2015.

But the main expansion has been in the reach of individual posts on our Facebook page.

During Dublin Horse Show week, our results, pictures and news stories were read by over 800,000 people, and with one remarkable picture of Denis Lynch jumping at Stuttgart during November the reach for a single post broke all records with a total of 588,000 people seeing it. To put this in context, the circulation of the Irish Times is just 76,000 copies.
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The Horse Sport Ireland website also attracted over a million page views during 2015.

Our Twitter base grew to just over 12,000 followers during 2015, and Ireland remained one of the few countries in the world to have equestrian sport covered regularly by dedicated columnists in all its national newspapers. We were also unique in having our sport regularly reported on national radio and television throughout the year, something that is uncommon for equestrian sport in almost every other country in the developed world.

Irish equestrian news also had massive global coverage on other equestrian and sports websites, promoting both the Irish rider and Irish-bred horses to millions of people every week of the year. Team Ireland Equestrian’s Facebook page itself has followers from 45 different countries – which of course means that there are fans out there who are now supporting the Irish team rather than their own nation’s team!

So thank you all for your tremendous support. We depend on you for retweets, sharing of Facebook posts and leaving Likes on sites that we link to on a daily basis. And, of course, thanks to the riders, horses and owners of Team Ireland Equestrian – without their successes, we’d not have had nearly enough to report.

Happy New Year!
happy New year

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