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Horse Sport Ireland have teamed up with GAIN Equine Nutrition to bring you this excitement segment which gave you the opportunity to ‘Ask the experts.’ At the start of April 2020, participants put forward their equine nutritional questions through our Instagram story to ask GAIN Equine Nutrition for their advise. The results can be found through this series of videos. Check them out below!

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GAIN Equine Nutrition - Ask the experts

Episode 1: Introducing Irish Country Equine Manager Joanne Hurley

GAIN Equine Nutrition Ask the Experts

Episode 2: Changing the diet of a mare in foal

  • Question: Is it necessary to change the diet of a mare who is in foal?

GAIN Equine Nutrition Ask the Experts

Episode 3: Feeding the mare during the late stages of pregnancy

  • Question: Is there anything extra I should be feeding a mare in the late stages of pregnancy or after foaling to help aid milk production?

GAIN Equine Nutrition Ask the Experts

Episode 4: Diet of the Young Horse

  • Question: What is the best feed to give a yearling?
  • Question: Do young horses need to be fed a different diet to an older horse such as a 6-year-old?

GAIN Equine Nutrition Ask the Experts

Episode 5: Delivery during COVID19

  • Question: Are GAIN Equine Nutrition still delivering during COVID19 and how are they doing so?

Episode 6: Feeding a fussy feeder

  • Question: What tips do you have for a fussy eater, that is hard to keep in decent condition during the competition season?

Episode 7: Loss of Appetite After Travelling

  • Question: Do you have advice for horses that go off their feed after a long period of travel to a competition?

Episode 8: Feeding An Elderly Horse – Increasing Energy Without Adding Condition

  • Question: Do you have a recommendation for the best feed for a 20-year-old Irish Draught that needs energy but does not need to be fattened?

Episode 9: Supplement Advise for an Elderly Horse

  • Are there any supplements you would advise to give to aging horses or does it depend on each one individually?

Episode 10: GAIN Freedom Range

  • What makes the freedom range different from your other feed ranges?

Episode 11: Conditioning a horse that is not in work

  • What is the best way to feed a horse for condition when the horse is not in work?

Episode 12: Can a mash based diet cause colic?

  • I am using a mash to bulk up a thoroughbred but I was recently told mash can cause colic, is this true?


If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the technical team at GAIN Equine Nutrition who will be very happy to help. You can reach them on or through their social media channels below.

Facebook – @GAINEquineNutrition

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GAIN Equine Nutrition sponsors the Team Ireland Underage Showjumping, Eventing and Dressage Teams and are Official Feed Consultants to Horse Sport Ireland.