Sports Capital Open for Applications!

  • 7 November 2020, 10:31

**Updated January 2021**

The 2020 Sports Capital Programme is currently open for applications and the closing has been extended to Monday 1st March 2021 at 5pm. You must have your Organisation registered on the website before Monday 1st Feb 2021 at 5pm in order to be able to complete an application. HSI encourage all Affiliates to work closely with their Clubs, Branches or Organisations where possible to ensure that as many applications as possible are put in from the Equestrian community. The Sports Capital Programme is the primary vehicle for Government support for the development of sports and physical recreation facilities and the purchase of non-personal sports equipment throughout the country.

Additional information on the 2020 Sports Capital Programme can be found at the following links:


Sports Capital Programme Announcement:

Sports Capital Programme Overview:

Sports Capital Programme Website:


If any organisations are considering applying under the Sports Capital Programme, HSI encourage them to get prepared straight away, before the programme is launched.

  • Is your Organisation eligible? The Sports Capital Programme is designed to support voluntary and community organisations to develop high quality, accessible, safe, well-designed, sustainable facilities in appropriate locations and to provide appropriate equipment to help maximise participation in sport and physical recreation. “Voluntary and Community” is the term to be aware of here. Commercial organisations are not eligible for this programme, only voluntary non-profit making organisations.
  • Is your organisation registered on the OSCAR system? OSCAR is the online system where all Sports Capital applications are processed. You must register your organisation before you can apply for a grant. This can be done RIGHT NOW!!! and we encourage you to do so. You can go to and click Register. You will need your TRN in order to register. The Department will check and approve your registration and once your organisation is registered you are ready to apply once the programme is officially opened.
  • What does the programme fund? In the “Guide to Registration” document that is available on the OSCAR website (link provided below also), there is a list of what the programme does and does not fund. Ahead of the programme being opened you should consider what you are going to apply for? Is it eligible? If it is your intention to apply for funding for a project that will require planning permission, you may need to get started ahead of time on some of the documentation. HSI’s advice is to get ready as soon as possible and find out as much information as possible. You can also make contact directly with the Department should you have questions on what you intend to get funding for. The final bullet point below has a link to the Department that includes contact numbers.
  • What else should I know? HSI Affiliates can apply for funding. Affiliate’s Clubs, Branches or Organisations can all apply for funding. There is no limit on the number of organisations that can apply from the Equestrian community. Organisations can only put in ONE application so prioritise what you want to apply for. Your organisation will be required to provide Match Funding at a minimum of 5% of the project total. You will get extra marks for providing a higher percentage of the project yourself.

Senator Shane Cassells has also posted the following video on his social media pages in relation to the Sports Capital Programme:

If you have any questions about the process, please contact HSI Sport Governance Executive Paul Hayes by email:


Get Sports Capital ready now!!!