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  • 6 July 2017, 16:09

Breeders please note that the stallion book is updated based on stallion returns that were supplied by stallion owners in 2017.

Please CLICK HERE for the updated Irish Sport Horse Stallions 2017

Please CLICK HERE for the updated Irish Draught Horse Stallions 2017

Stallion owners have the opportunity to submit covering certificates for their stallions onto our new “Covering online system”. Each stallion owner will have an individual log on to the system, stallion owners can record coverings online without any need for the old paper based system. This initiative should save stallion owners both time and money, in terms of postage.

Please contact Donna Craig on for more information.

Horse Sport Ireland has also developed a new online facility for breeders to check if the covering certificate has been returned to HSI for their particular mare.

Please click on the following link to check if a covering cert has been received

In relation to the process of having a mare covered; the following pieces of advice are useful items to consider and it is best that these items are covered in a written contract between the mare owner and the stallion owner.

A sample contract is given here and we recommend that both Mare owners and Stallion owners adopt a practice of completing a written contract for each stud service of their horse.

Please CLICK HERE for a Sample Contract.

The Horse Sport Ireland (HSI) Voluntary Code of Practice for Stallion and Mare Owners outlines voluntary recommendations to help breeders, in conjunction with their veterinary surgeons, to prevent and control specific equine diseases. Prevention of disease is of the utmost importance for increasing fertility rates and avoiding adverse economic and welfare situations. HSI would like to encourage stallion and mare owners to follow the voluntary guidelines outlined in this Code of Practice in order to minimise the incidence of infectious diseases in the Irish Sport Horse sector.

Please CLICK HERE  for the HSI Voluntary Code of Practice


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