COH/J/YR-Show Jumping squad selection system 2018

  • 15 May 2018, 13:30

Horse Sport Ireland Selection Policy and High Performance Programme

COH/J/YR Team 2018
CH-EU-COH/J/YR, Fontainebleau, 09th – 15th July 2018
Relevant Contacts:
High Performance Team Manager: James Kernan 00353 86 8370376
Team Vet: Equivet Ireland JP King plus another 00353 86 0428414
HSI Administrator: Debbie O’Connor 00353 45 854506

Relevant Documentation:

Please see below COH/J/YR Show Jumping Selection Policy for 2018, in addition to relevant appendix documentation.

Approved CH-EU-Y-S CH-EU-J-S CH-EU-Ch-S Fontainebleau Athlete Selection Policy 2018

Appendix 1 – HSI Code of Conduct

Appendix 2 – HSI-Code-of-Conduct_Athletes

Appendix 3 – HSI Medication Equine Anti-Doping Log Book Declaration 2018

Please note:
COH/J/YR athletes, their persons responsible and/or their personal management teams are invited to comment on the above selection policy. All comments are to be received no later than Friday the 1st June 2018. Please forward any comment/observation to the Equestrian Sport Coordinator, Triona Connors:


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