Carriage Driving


Carriage driving is a discipline without riders. It consists of a driver who sits on a vehicle drawn by a single horse, a pair or a team of four. The horse(s) and driver have to complete three tests: Dressage, Marathon and Obstacle Driving.

  • Dressage is a sequence of compulsory movements in an enclosed arena. Judges award the smoothness of the movements, the obedience of the horses, impulsion and correct positioning.


  • Marathon is a course of natural obstacles over a maximum of 22 km, including natural and artificial obstacles.


  • Obstacle driving is a cone course that tests the horse shape after the marathon. The aim is to drive through a narrow track outlined by cones with balls balanced on top.


International Driving
International Shows are overseen by the Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI), click HERE for more information.

National Driving
The sport is administered in Ireland by the Carriage Driving Section of Horse Sport Ireland.

Anyone who is interested in carriage driving, particularly if they wish to compete, should consider joining the Carriage Driving Section of Horse Sport Ireland.

Contact us about carriage driving

If you have any question about carriage driving please contact:
The Carriage Driving Section of Horse Sport Ireland, 1st Floor, Beech House, Millennium Park, Naas, Co. Kildare. Email [email protected].



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