EV Breeding: Three Irish Sport Horse in Galway Downs CCI2* Top Four

  • 8 November 2016, 12:43

Three Irish Sport Horses finished in the CCI2* top four at Galway Downs International Horse Trials with Thomascourt Cooley (Cruising x Carnaby) winning the class under USA’s James Alliston. Charlie Tango (Shannondale Sarco St Ghyvan x Ricardo Z) took second place with Heather Morris (USA) and 3rd went to Walterstown Don (Don Juan de la Bouverie x Vivadari) ridden by Lauren Burnell (USA).

 See below for a full list of Irish-bred International Eventing results:


Galway Downs International HT, California. November 3rd – 6th.


1 Thomascourt Cooley (ISH)[was Thomascourt Moneyball] – 2008 gelding by Cruising (ISH)(TIH) out of Mascamaby (HOLST) by Carnaby (HOLST). Breeder: Sean Nugent (Tyrone). Rider: James Alliston (USA) 44.5, 0, 2.8 = 47.3

2 Charlie Tango (ISH)[was Dassett Blue] – 2008 gelding by Shannondale Sarco St Ghyvan (BEWB) out of Our Queen Bee (ISH) by Ricardo Z (ZANG). Breeder: Michael & Sheila Murphy (Clare). Rider: Heather Morris (USA) 45.5, 0, 2.4 = 47.9

4 Walterstown Don (ISH) –  2002 gelding by Don Juan de la Bouverie (SBS) out of Walterstown Treacy VII (WNTR) by Vivadari (TB) Breeder: Dorothy de Stackpoole (Meath). Rider: Lauren Burnell (USA) 50.7, 0, 4.0 = 54.7

7 Master King II (ISH) – 2006 gelding by Kings Master (ISH)(TIH) out of Beau Peep (ISH) Breeder: Elizabeth Kroeger (Tipperary). Rider: Leah Breakey (GBR) 55.3, 4, 3.2 = 62.5.


5 Ringwood Little Imp [ISH] – 2006 gelding by Master Imp (TB) out of Commer Queen [ISH] by Sky Boy (TB). Breeder: Joseph O’Reilly (Wexford). Rider: Katherine Canario (USA) 45.3, 0, 0.0 = 45.3.


Rocking Horse Farm Fall HT, Florida. November 5th – 6th.

Open Preliminary A.

4 MSH Cooley Twilight (AEAS) – 2010 gelding by Zidane (KWPN) out of Wadermie (KWPN) by Concorde (KWPN). Breeder: Johnny Mullins (Galway). Rider: Alexander O’Neal (USA) 30.0, 4, 6.4 = 4.4

5 Jay of Diamonds (ISH) – 2009 mare by Jack of Diamomds (SWB) out of Cherokee Castle (ISH). Breeder: Jack Kennedy (Tipperary). Rider: Joe Meyer (USA) 32.4, 8, 6.8 = 47.2.

Open Preliminary B.

7 Here’s Jonny (ISH) – 2006 gelding by Courage II (HOLST) out of First Choice ML (ISH). Breeder: Myrtle Lodge Stud (Wicklow). Rider: Daisy Trayford (GBR) 36.3, 4, 0.0 = 40.3

8 Sportsfield Two Doors Down (ISH)[was My Boston Girl] – 2009 mare by Inocent (KWPN) out of Hillcrest Bay Wonder [ISH] by Ballinvella (TB). Breeder: Eleanor Byrne (Kilkenny). Rider: Jonathan Holling (USA) 21.5, 0, 21.2 = 42.7.

Preliminary Rider A.

8 Mastercraft (unk) – 1999 gelding OIO by Cavalier Royale (HOLST). Rider: Kaitlin Hartford (USA) 38.5, 4, 0.0 = 42.5.



Pattaya ODE. October 28th – 30th.


2 Ardbohill Lad (ISH) – 2001 gelding by Farney Clover (ISH)(TIH) out of Pride of Finnoe (ISH). Breeder: P J Carroll (Tipperary). Rider: Supap Khaw-Ngam (THA) 57.9, 4, 0.0 = 61.9.


These results have been provided to Horse Sport Ireland by Charlie Ripman

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