FEI Dressage World Championships – HSI Statement

  • 6 August 2022, 17:46

Regrettably, Ireland’s Sorrell Klatzo was eliminated during her Grand Prix test today (Saturday) at the FEI Dressage World Championships in Herning due to the opinion of the FEI judge at C, that Turbo was irregular in the movement. Turbo warmed up exceptionally well and looked fantastic prior to entry into the main ring. Given the significant atmosphere of the championships, it is not unusual that a first-time campaigner at world level for both horse and rider would become tense and lose the consistency of the movement. In the context of Dressage, it is important to note irregular movement does not necessarily constitute an unsoundness. Team Ireland Vet JP King has subsequently assessed Turbo and found him to be sound and moving well. He is now back in his box relaxing. Sorrell is obviously so disappointed with today but clearly relieved that Turbo is sound and well.

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