FEI Regumate Policy Update

  • 7 November 2018, 16:50

Altrenogest is used to suppress oestrus in mares, and its use for this specific purpose is allowed under FEI rules. Its use in a male horse (gelding or stallion) is not permissible.

Earlier this year, Australian racehorses tested positive for the anabolic agents Trendione and Trenbolone following administration of Altrenogest. The investigation revealed that traces of these two substances could be found in Altrenogest products as a result of the manufacturing process in a specific factory. Following the investigation, some horse sport regulatory bodies have issued a warning regarding the use of Altrenogest.

The FEI has conferred with the Director of the FEI Central Laboratory and can confirm that, with the currently available information, it is permissible to continue to use Altrenogest product Regu-Mate Solution 2.2 mg/mL for mares as per the manufacturer’s instructions. The FEI Veterinary Department recommends that anyone using or planning to use the product on a mare should discuss this with their veterinarian.

Dr Dermot Forde FEI IRL National Head Veterinarian said

“It is opportune that the FEI should have clarified the position with regard to the use of Regumate (Altrenogest) in equestrian sport, given the recent decisions in some racing jurisdictions to disallow it in racehorses.

While researchers continue to investigate the effects of its use on equine athletes and there are some differences in the methodology applied in the various different trials, the FEI, on the basis of its current knowledge and taking advice from its Central Veterinary Laboratory, has decided its use in mares competing in equestrian sport is not incompatible with the concept of Clean Sport and Horse Welfare.

However, this only applies to the use of the substance, at the recommended dosage of 2.2mg/ml in mares (it is strictly forbidden in stallions and geldings) and should this dosage be exceeded it could result in a positive result being called under the FEI Anti-Doping and Controlled Medication Programme. Therefore, as the FEI statement states, anyone contemplating its use in mares should take advice from their veterinary surgeon.”

Additional Information on Veterinary Forms can be found HERE


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