FEI Entry & Results: 25 - 28 November 2021

Entry Details

Jumping: Reisenbeck, Germany - CSI2*, CSIYH1*
25 - 28 November 2021

Competitors and Horses

CSI2*: Michael G Duffy with Clitschko 17, Lacido and Rising Son; Shane Dwan with Bipeggio, Corny 8 and Hickstead White; Matt Garrigan with HHS Seattle, Holland V.D. Valckenborg and Quantum Robin V; Eoin McMahon with Chacon 2, Chakra 9, Chick Chai and Kir Royal 104; Abbie Sweetnam with Brown Star Z.

CSIYH1*: Kellei Allen with Faery Queen and Kindly; Michael G Duffy with Chelsea 179 and Cino; Shan Dwan with Havalla; Matt Garrigan with Savarona; Jonathan Gordon with CBI Karhari; Abbie Sweetnam with Pinaki Van Den Dael.