FEI Entry & Results: 22 - 28 February 2021

Entry Details

Jumping: Vejer De La Frontera, Spain - CSI3*
22 - 28 February 2021

Competitors and Horses

CSI4*: Kellie Allen with Hardessa; Alexander Butler with Athene, Chatondo, Chilli B, Gaston D’ecaussinnes, Pico (ISH) and Ti Amo B Z; Ivan Dalton with Benitot Des Carmilles, Damoiselle Du Mesnil, Duchatillon D’Eglegin and Gambia-S; Lauren Devine with Baby Boom O’Moulin and Cassandra VL Z; Michael G Duffy with Chappo Chey, Clitschko 17, Lacido, Lapuccino 2 (ISH) and My Way B. & V.; Madelaine Gervais with Estrella De La Pomme, Ifra Van De Eik and Ms Clinton; Can Goggins with Castleforbes Chessie (ISH), Castleforbes Denzel (ISH) and Valtor De Blagny; Kenneth Graham with Bier Bua, Dr No Equinex Z, George and KEC Dorian; Graham Grant with Hiphop and Kilimanjaro Van Overis Z; Richard Howley with CBS Chino Noir, Fame and Icarronne-S; Jennifer Keuhnle with Chichi Van Overis Z, Dirk VD Tojopehoeve Z, Lyon and Matrone VD Donkhoeve; Dermott Lennin with Absolutely Kingmar Z, Athletix Hero Z, Fanta M, L’Esprit Hero Z and MJM Pursuit (ISH); Conor McMahon with Con Stakkara PS and Victor; Peter Moloney with Budgie, Chained Django and Django De Paulanne; Adam Morgan with Baloutano, Equador 48 and Qualibro; Ciaran Nallon with Cara PS, Cayenne D’Ive Z, Loughnavatta Cedar (ISH), Martells Hocus Pocus II and Mc Flurry 10; Jack O’Donohue with Cartino and Ladycastle Diego (ISH); Alan O’Regan with Freedam (ISH); Max O’Reilly Hyland with Babar De Bussy; Jenny Rankin with Carmela Z, Hey Jude and Cosimo Il Primo AS; David Simpson with Mysao Des Roches Rogues, Balloon Cruise and Starogue; Robert Splaine with Cambridge; Billy Twomey with Chat Botte E.D, Je Taime Z, Kimba Flamenco, Lady Lou and Pewit Dezoito.

CSIYH1*: Kellie Allen with Kindly; Killian Browne with Air Brush Z, Billy Bilboa, Happy45-K Van’t Kattenheye ZD, Karlsson and Yax VD Berghoeve; Alexander Butler with Conbalto PS, Conquida De Revel PS, Embuscade De Reve and Janneke B; Adam Corcoran with Bentley 7; Ivan Dalton with Farthago D’Amy, Finley De La Luce, Onaa Van D’Heerlijkheid and Pop-Up De Tamise; Michael G Duffy with Chadbagh Z, Oasis Van De Bucxtale and Origi Van De Bandam; Goggins with Castleforbes Esteban (ISH) and Castleforbes Fedora (ISH); Kenneth Graham with Tullabeg Jackson; Graham Grant with Chaccobella and Jiamo VDS; Richard Howley with Know Me F; Jennifer Kuehnle with Billy Vitani, Harrop Grigio, Japardie and Zodiak Du Buisson Z; Dermott Lennon with All Pleasure Hero Z, Anthem In My Heart and Millview Cicero; Megan McGettigan and Altaskin Ayrton and Lenamore Lily Marlene (ISH); Conor McMahon with Artarise SR Z, Billy Bakewell and Kate Blue; Peter Moloney with Cabo Verde and Dallco Chance; Adam Morgan with Comme Tu Veux, Giannino and Kaurien EB; Ciaran Nallon with EG Davinci and Rockwell RC (ISH); Jack Donohue with Cucaracha, Dorchester, Kiss Me and Pryginta; Alan O’Regan with La-Joya, Seaview Demonstration (ISH) and Seaview Evolution (ISH); Max O’Reilly Hyland with Aconzina PS and BP Limitless (ISH); Jenny Rankin with Creevyquinn Poseur, Eliott Max Droeshout Z and Justinov BB; David Simpson with Billy Convincer, Billy Schweppes, Billy Wolsey and Jaguar; Billy Twomey with Casiano and Chef of Flanders Fields Z.

CSI1*: Kellie Allen with Sagan; Killian Browne with Cash Flow Z; Trevor Coyle with Mr.Nibbles; Lauren Devine with Vega O’Moulin; Gabrielle Enright with Blackwoodland Rock; Joanne Sloan-Allen with Colour Girl, and WKD Chicago (ISH) and WKD Tiny Dancer (ISH).