FEI Entry & Results: 22 - 25 July 2021

Entry Details

Jumping: Berlin, Germany - CSI5*-GCT/GCL, CSI1*, CSIYH1*
22 - 25 July 2021

Competitors and Horses

CSI5*-GCT/GCL: Michael G Duffy with Lapuccino 2 (ISH) and Vertige De Galarzacs; Darragh Kenny with Idalville D’Esprit and Vinci De Beaufour; Denis Lynch with Cristello and GC Chopin’s Bushi; Mark McAuley with Cap West and Jasco VD Bisschop; Eoin McMahon with Chacon 2 and Consistent; Michael Pender with HHS Burnchurch (ISH) and HHS Fast Forward (ISH).

CSI1*: Sarah Lynch with Bentley De Castel; Joanne Sloan-Allen with Wicked Hope.

CSIYH1* incl. 8yo: Michael G Duffy with Clitschko 17; Darragh Kenny with Rockwell RC; Denis Lynch with Inventa D’Or; Mark McAuley with Django STE Hermelle; Eoin McMahon with Montiego Bay; Michael Pender with Nando Quality.