FEI Entry & Results: 18 - 21 May 2022

Entry Details

Jumping: Kronenberg, Netherlands - CSI2*, CSI1*, CSI1*YH
18 - 21 May 2022

Competitors and Horses

CSI1*: Michael Duffy with Pharrell

CSI2*: Michael Duffy with Cadeau W Z, Franklin, RMF Charly, Michael G Duffy with Borelli T, Clitschko 17, DPS Revere, Matt Garrigan with Click N’Chic HDC, HHS Seattle (ISH), Quantum Robin V, Sarah Lynch with Bentley De Castel, Ciaran Nallon with Dolce Vita Des Ouches, Mc Flurry 10

CSIYH1*: Michael Duffy with Pablo Van Het Geinsteinde, Michael G Duffy with Quick Chic 3, Ciaran Nallon with Big Blue 3