FEI Entry & Results: 2 - 5 December 2021

Entry Details

Jumping: Riesenbeck, Germany - CSI2*, CSI1*YH
2 - 5 December 2021

Competitors and Horses

CSI2*: Sophie Dalm with Guilietta, Gutascha, Volnay De Choc Z, Michael Duffy with Cadeau W Z, Jeff Ten Halven Zilton SL Z, Michael G Duffy with Clitschko 17, Lacido, Eoin McMahon with Chacon 2, Chakra 9, Chuck Chai, Kir Royal 104, Thomas Ryan with Insider VDL, Kendrick, Springfield 21, Abbie Sweetnam with Brown Star Z, Jeremy Sweetnam with Campedu, L.A Lovely Boy

CSIYH1*: Kellie Allen with Faery Queen, Kindly, Sophie Dalm with King Solier, Michael G Duffy with Cino, Colani, Quick Chick 3, Eoin McMahon with Joker De L’Enclos De L’Ange, Kathy Blue, Montiego Bay, Abbie Sweetnam with Pinaki Van Den Dael, Jeremy Sweetnam with Lorenz 86, Otina Van HD