FEI Entry & Results: 21 - 25 September 2022

Entry Details

Eventing: Ballindenisk, Ireland - CCI1*-Intro, CCI2*-S, CCI2*-L, CCI3*-S, CCI3*-L, CCI4*-L, CCIO4*-NC-S
21 - 25 September 2022

Competitors and Horses

CCI1*-Intro: Hazel Barden with Paddy Jo; Louise Bloomer with Shannondale Levi (ISH); Emily Brooks with Ardagh Mayday (ISH); Alex Byrne with Major Cross (ISH); Patrick Martin Byrne with Belline Newmarket Delight (ISH); Sian Coleman with Diamond Mistress (ISH); Alex Connors with King-Paola; Kim Constable with Urneypark Big Cat (ISH) and Peter The Great (ISH); Conor Coomey with My Bold Decision (ISH); Alice Copithorne with Fort Arthur Buddy (ISH); Sarah Curry with Ashwood Chuisle Lady; Sarah Daniels with Coolgreaney Turbo (ISH); Fraser Duffy with You Two Hotshot (ISH) and Liscarrow Fernhill (ISH); Nicola Ennis with Rock Phoenix (ISH); Grainne Flavin with Cloneenagh Jacko; Amelia Furnell with Brownstowns Blue Steel (ISH); Isabella Gogan with Aughabeg Dew; Amelia Green with Gigolo B (ISH); Suzanne Hagan with Loughview Commander (ISH); Ellen Holmes with Tara Joker; Alannah M Kelly with Milshogue Bailey (ISH); Lucy Kerrigan with Avalon Heatvale (ISH); Conor Leahy with Call On Cavalier (ISH); Laura Jane Mahony with Chilled Bud (ISH); Clodagh Mc Gauran with Cruising Caricello; Anna McCaldin with Albert; Amelia McCarthy with Finsceal Endeavour (ISH); Jonah McCarthy with Millridge Cara (ISH); Gilby Monaghan with Longwood Laura; Nicky Nesbitt with Ringfort India; Jim Newsam with Mmg Candy Du Carel (ISH); Rolline O’Callaghan with Splendid B (ISH); Grace O’Donoghue with Waverley (ISH); Enda O’Gorman with Fanion Libre (ISH); James O’Haire with Jamaica Rose (ISH); Sarah O’Shea with Youngstars Cheetah (ISH); David Raeburn with Rebecca Mills (ISH); Kirstyn Reel with Glanmore Honey; Ralph Robinson with Lanigan O; Michael Ryan with Via Victory, Tullibards Bennys Rainbow, Diamant De Heraldik and JVK Eclipse; Grace Scully with Carric Pick And Mix; Katherine Shields with Ballinglen Major; Caitie Slater with Belline Rock Trend (ISH); Paddy Smullen with Avalon Romulus (ISH); Lucca Stubington with Hans First Lady (ISH); Orla Treacy with Caisleann Ri (ISH); Andrew Walsh with Battlestown Delight; Casey Webb with Our Pollyanna (ISH); Patrick Whelan with Dermish Chill (ISH); Terence B. White with SF Sportsfield Rising Star; Tegan White-McMorrow with Biden My Time (ISH); Jess Widger with Grantstown Spirit (ISH); Rachel Wrest with Cool Addition (ISH)

CCI2*-S: Hazel Barden with Loughnavalley; Emma Buckley with Miss Cranny Sarco (ISH); Tara Carroll with Right On Q; Ian Cassells with Bde Olympic Royale (ISH); Anita Doherty with Tiboy Des Etisses and Threeseas (ISH); Martha Dolan with Pay Back (ISH); Sarah Ennis with Diamond Fusion (ISH); Dominic Furnell with Dukes Endeavour; Lindsay Graham with Moystown St Ghyvan (ISH); Suzanne Hagan with Karolita O; Eliza Kavanagh with Whitetree Sky (ISH); Matthew Kelly with Fanlehane Nariah (ISH); Keelin Mccarthy with Romans Mr. Kane and Orza Sc; Lara McRobb with Courtyard Queen; Joseph Murphy with My Foxhall Kit (ISH); Tom Nestor with Freddie; Elizabeth Power with Society Diamond (ISH); Patricia Ryan with Rock Eclipse (ISH); Jonathan Hugh Steele with Zermatt; Hannah Willis with Kilnaspic Lily (ISH)

CCI2*-L: Rosie Alcorn with Goodwins Royalty (ISH) and Chrysanthos; Daniel Brown with Drumnaconnell Kobie (ISH); Darragh Byrne with Centaur Esquire; Sian Coleman with Kilroe Frolic (ISH); Alex Connors with Ois Pixie Hollow; Cillian Creedon with Kilybeg Spirit (ISH); Sarah Ennis with Onceuponatime (ISH); Dominic Furnell with Elegant Philly (ISH); Sarah Glynn with Granny Jeans Unicorn (ISH); Davina Gray with Hacklim Moxie (ISH); Heidi Hamilton with The Sequel; Zoe Kavanagh with Farrellys Tavern (ISH); Niamh Kirwan with Global Javall Gold; Anna Maher with Erin; Andrew Napier with Hazeldene Elsa (ISH); Tom Nestor with Tullaree Ruby Tuesday; Molly O’Connor with Coolnaleen Rebel (ISH); Alyssa O’Neill with Danos Lola (ISH); Momo Sheehy with TMX Herby; Olivia Swan with Clonakilty Bay (ISH); Anna Corinne White with Kilcoltrim Dora (ISH); Terence B. White with Garrybritt Susie and Swatch Out (ISH)

CCI3*-S: Ian Cassells with Mr Obus Hullabaloo, Shanbo Super Flex (ISH), Brookwood Supersable and Rosconnell Alto; Robbie Collins with Dunrath Navigator (ISH); Joanne Corish with Lates Caralier; Alex Donohoe with Santiago Steppe (ISH); Nicola Ennis with Dawn Arrival and Killossery Kitten (ISH); Sarah Ennis with Dourough Ferro Class Act (ISH); Alison Holden with Lates Eddie; Emma Hosey with Borris Kings Quality; Cameron Kiernan with Fernhill Inferno; Robyn McCluskey with Carsonstown Alice; Daniel Meagher with A Classic Sportsfield; Joseph Murphy with Choclat and Belline Fighting Spirit; Jim Newsam with Tullybee Renegade (ISH); Christine O’Donnell with Bgk Valentine (ISH); Rodney O’Donnell with Dartans Hillcrest (ISH); Elizabeth Power with Oakland Quality (ISH); Patricia Ryan with The Caped Crusader (ISH); Jonathan Hugh Steele with R Showman (ISH); Lucca Stubington with Kiltown Watson (ISH); Patrick Whelan with Altitu (ISH) and Ikoon Lan

CCI3*-L: Emily Barrett with Bgs Mikado (ISH); Patrick Martin Byrne with Boleys Maximum; Clodie Coen with Union Fortunus (ISH); Ellen Creed with Interface; Tara Dixon with Master Smart (ISH); Dominic Furnell with Luxys Time (ISH) and Ivanhoe (ISH); Emma Newsam with Kilcooley Michael; James O’Haire with Liberty Belle (ISH); Michael O’Toole with Icco; Megan Telford-Kelly with General Trend (ISH); Sam Watson with Ballyneety Rocketman (ISH); Casey Webb with HHF Elegance (ISH)

CCI4*-L: Darragh Byrne with Kilcannon Ramiro (ISH); Lexi Kilfeather with Lord Of The Morning; Joseph Murphy with The Quizmaster; James O’Haire with Dalestown Castlebar HFS (ISH); Michael Ryan with TR Kaygraff

CCIO4*-NC-S: Clare Abbott with Mr Mighty and Dhi No Fear; Louise Bloomer with Shannondale Icarus (ISH); Heidi Brabazon with Red Ace; Patrick Martin Byrne with Oughterard Diva (ISH); Ian Cassells with Millridge Atlantis (ISH); Alice Copithorne with Fort Arthur Little Dolly (ISH); Alex Donohoe with Guidam Roller (ISH); Sarah Dowley with Rubix Kube (ISH) and Bonmahon Liberation (ISH); Nicola Ennis with Out Of Print (ISH); Sarah Ennis with Grantstown Jackson (ISH); Molly Evans with Wellan Graffiti (ISH); Meghan Healy with Think It Over; Laura Kelly with HL Marley And Me (ISH); Steven Smith with Newferry Jagermeister (ISH) and Hi Happy Harry (ISH); Lucca Stubington with Quingenti; Patrick Whelan with Piltown Obos (ISH)