FEI Entry & Results: 11 - 16 June 2019

Entry Details

Jumping: Harthill Bolesworth , Great Britain - 4 Star, 2 Star, Amateurs
11 - 16 June 2019

Competitors and Horses

Sunday: Grand Prix 15.30 IST

CSI 4*: Shane Breen with Clyde VA, Jeff Ten Halven and Quintella; Trevor Breen with Escapade H, Lord Luidam and Serpico (ISH); Greg Broderick with Duco, Hybernia (ISH)(TIH) and LVS Wizard (ISH); Anthony Condon with SFS Aristio and Zira VH Kapelhof Z; Edward Doyle Jnr with Billy Guilder; Kenneth Graham with George (ISH); Sven Hadley with Sumas Taloubet (ISH); Nano Healy with KMS Clintland (ISH); Richard Howley with Chinook and Seahorse Z; Ger O’Neill with Castlefield Vegas (ISH), Keatingstown Z Wellie Two (ISH) and Uncas S; Michael Pender with Carden Moon Shadow, Casanova Van Overis Z and Hearton Du Bois Halleux; David Simpson with Foudre F, Gurtera Cara Dubh (ISH) and Jenson 55

CSI 2*: Vincent Byrne with Ganturano, Mr Rockefeller (ISH) and Pearls Princess Gervantus (ISH); Brian Cassidy with Guminka; Anthony Condon with King Louis; Tori Dunn with Ballistic M2S (ISH); Kevin Gallagher with Ahmed Du Calvaire, Arcadia LVS Z, Babar De Bussy and Ballypatrick Flamenco (ISH); Kenneth Graham with Pacino Amiro (ISH); Sven Hadley with Ganorad and Jessy Van De Heide; Daniel McAlidnen with Leanorth Soda Pop (ISH) and Neat Midnight Magic (ISH); Michael Pender with HHS Calais (ISH)

CSI Am: Louise Carroll with Shalamar Cassino (ISH); Kirsti Connole with Caher Lux Bravo (ISH) and Zazu Van Terhofstede; Samantha Fegan with Champion-U and Niker; Adrian Gilmartin with Carnaval Cocktail; Val Joy with MB Daddys Dollars (ISH); Lorraine MacGuinness with Horseware Kinmar Night; Emma Walsh with Petrhus Z