FEI Entry & Results: 10 - 14 August 2022

Entry Details

Jumping: Houten, Netherlands - CSI1*, CSI2*
10 - 14 August 2022

Competitors and Horses

CSI1*: Kiefer Dawson Stanley with Knock Out Van De Kalevallei; Conor Drain with Clementine; Matt Garrigan with Grace V; Sara Jane Tracy with Kadaffi VZ and Kyra; Conan Wright with Fulenn Du Chatillon and La Ville VDS

CSI2*: Kiefer Dawson Stanley with Highlander VD Kalevallei and Jumping Jack Van De Kalevallei; Conor Drain with Covehill Archie, Imagine and Louis Vuitton VD Wouwerse Veld; Matt Garrigan with Cloudless 2, Con Sol and HHS Seattle; Sara Jane Tracy with Jarrera V and Kida Van De Bunnikseweg; Conan Wright with Jetplane and Kannandine


Venue: https://csihouten.nl/