FEI Entry & Results: 27 November - 1 December 2019

Entry Details

Jumping: Lichtenvoorde, Netherlands - 2 Star, 1 Star
27 November - 1 December 2019

Competitors and Horses

Sunday: Grand Prix 14.00 IST

CSI 2*: Harry Allen with Calafrieda, Dancing Queen Z and Gentleman; Conor Drain with Dialetto PS, Forever and Inspiration; Michael G Duffy with Laithinus, Lapuccino 2 (ISH) and Money Penny; Killian Norris with F-La Belle Z, Jacco Blue Van Essene and King Van Essene; Jack Ryan with Clintofino, Diesel and Z7 Ascot (ISH)

CSI 1*: Harry Allen with Harmonie L; Conor Drain with Cencolou; Killian Norris with I’m Monte Carlo Z; Jack Ryan with Colmar and KBS Major Player (ISH)