FEI Entry & Results: 14 - 17 December 2017

Entry Details

Jumping: Lier, Belgium - 2 Star, Young Horses
14 - 17 December 2017

Competitors and Horses

Sunday: Grand Prix

CSI 2*: Harry Allen with Dis Moi Tout De Clairbois, EH Quick Nina and Legend; Philip Carey with Folds Lord Lux (ISH); Ivan Dalton with Ambre Platiere, Lord Bi and Uith De Rotes; Susan Fitzpatrick with Cavalino and Keatingstown Z Wellie Two (ISH); Mark McAuley with Jacintha VH Kriekenhof, Utchan De Belheme and Valentino Tuiliere; Darryl Walker with Caliva Charca MM Z, CCS Ottomatic (ISH) and Cushions (ISH)(TIH)

CSI YH: Ivan Dalton with Borneo Du Lesme; Mark McAuley with Al Capone Massuere