FEI Entry & Results: 15 - 18 August 2019

Entry Details

Jumping: Millstreet, Ireland - 2 Star
15 - 18 August 2019

Competitors and Horses

Sunday: Grand Prix 15.00 IST

Billy Adrian with Microchip (ISH); Anna Baynes with Foxwoods (ISH) and Lochan Ramiro (ISH); Paul Beecher with Danqu, EIS Ikona and Glamstone; Abigail Boland with Camblin Tenesse (ISH); Eva Boland with Ginelli and Lucky Caros; Stephen Bolas with Diamond Del Bosco (ID); Gillian Bond with Vicomte DH Z; David Bourke with Enniskerry Foxtrot (ISH)(TIH); Eoin Brennan with Butuela; Jack Brennan with MHS High Hopes (ISH) and MHS Jersey Girl (ISH); Timmy Brennan with Herbst Acapella (ISH); Greg Broderick with Babel and LVS Wizard (ISH); Lizzie Burcher with LB Blood Diamond (ISH) and LB Napolean Dynamite (ISH); Jessica Burke with Castlelawn Captain Junior (ISH)(TIH), CES Cruise Ship (ISH) and Greenvale Draco; Vincent Byrne with Catalana LS, Ganturano and Mr Rockefeller (ISH); Luke Campbell with Corlioni (ISH), Derryinver Truffle (ISH) and Newmarket Trooper (ISH); Adam Carey with Quialina D; John Carr with Brilliant Cruison (ISH) and Cascum Lewis (ISH); Daniel Carroll with Armani BS; Conor Cassidy with Lima Fortuna; Olive Clarke with Clonguish Vivaro (ISH), Fantastic and Luigi Van De Nethe; Ruari Clarke with Ukato Cruise (ISH); Katie Jane Conlon with Interpreter (ISH)(TIH) and Ping Ball (ISH); Matthew Conlon with Bally Kingdom Clover (ISH); Kirsti Connole with Caher Lux Bravo (ISH); Francis Connors with Erne Ladygoldilocks (ISH); Laura Connors with Just Jump (ISH); Ronan Costello with Altivo (ISH); Annie Courtney Cadam with Empty Pockets (ISH); Jodie Creighton with Hylight; Dominic Curley with Kinmar Aga Dancer (ISH); Fergus Curran with Bannside Boy; Capt. Geoff Curran with Dowth Hall (ISH)(TIH); Drumiller Lough (ISH) and MHS Gabhran (ISH); Melanie Davidson with Linze Z; Louis Delplace with Carrick Kilderrys Diamond (ISH) and Solsboro Masterpiece (ISH); Kate Derwin with AHG Whiterock Cruise Down (ISH), Deep Pockets (ISH) and Luidam De La Cruise (ISH); Jayne Devine with Ballylynch Take Advantage; Lisa Dolly with Newgrange Lady; Timmy Doyle with Hi Dude (ISH) and JS Bucks (ISH); Mark Duffy with Darco’s Scarlet Lady; Tori Dunn with Ballistic M2S (ISH); James Dunne with Blurred Lines (ISH); Tara Dunne with Courtesan C (ISH); Nicola FitzGibbon with Canna Z; Susan Fitzpatrick with Cavalino and Consun; John Floody with Craigmanus Hold Up Diamond (ISH) and Donevan Erkindale; Gary Flynn with Argento Cruise (ISH); Isabelle Flynn with CLH Back In Black (ISH); Samantha Foley with Verdis Diamond (ISH); Sean Foley with Ciano; Kirsten Fynes with Oscars Peaches And Cream (ISH); Julieann Gaffney with CSF Super Nova (ISH); Kevin Gallagher with Ballypatrick Flamenco (ISH) and Flexability (ISH)(TIH); Jamie Garland with Zedlepplin (ISH); Beatrice Gates-Hardiman with Easton Scala G and Tittut; Carol Gee with Fernhill Clooney and Fernhill Splash; Lucy Gibson with Aldaluck (ISH); Cian Goggins with Lisbane Aladdin; Shane Goggins with Galwaybay Holly R (ISH), Madame Tussaud (ISH) and Wrangler II; Kenneth Graham with Beir Bua (ISH) and George (ISH); John Gerard Greene with Tonagh Trip The Lights (ISH); Damien Griffin with River Cottage Lad (ISH) and Visa Z; Sven Hadley with Ganorad, Sumas Taloubet (ISH) and Vvood Stock De Breve; Charlotte Harding with Adonis W; Cian Harrison with Mr Big Cash and Tabby (ISH)(TIH); Robert Harrison with Ballycarrick Lass (ISH) and Landlystes Rubina; Mackenzie Healy with Emerald Pokemon (ISH) and Epinal; Jason Higgins with Api Des Champs; Seamus Holohan with SH The Only One (ISH)(TIH); Daren Hopkins with Numero Cruise (ISH); Alexandra Hourigan with Delano W; Isobel Hughes Kennedy with ESI Carvalho (ISH); Ellie Humphries with Castleview City View (ISH) and Sumas Duiske (ISH); Hazel James with Sofia La Sorellina (ISH); Patrick Joyce with Cullinagh Ug (ISH) and Glyntown Blake (ISH); Leona Judge with Calvaro Van De Rechri and Wabs De V; Tholm Keane with BMH Big Time (ISH); Tadhg Kearney with Fanta M; Lt. Charlene Kehoe with Annestown (ISH), Seapatrick (ISH) and Shannondale Rahona (ISH); Michelle Kenny with Georgina, Hillside Grey Dawn (ISH) and Petrhus Z; Richard Kerins with Achonry Carie (ISH), Lamm’s Son and Small Change (ISH); Tom Keville with Chimay; Jennifer Kuehnle with Tullibards Miss Optimistic (ISH); Rachel Kyne with Knockfune Cabriole (ISH); Killian Lalor with Bodega (ISH); Raphael Lee with Captain Marko (ISH), Cruising Breeze (ISH)(TIH) and Kashino (ISH); Dermott Lennon with Duco and L’Esprit Hero Z; Lisa Leonard with DPS Glebe Street (ISH); Con Lowney with Bliksem and Flygo; Tim MacDonagh with Hollypark Galloway (ISH), Mr Boom Boom (ISH) and Tick Tock Tina (ISH); Harry Marshall with Chirokko M and Flambeau; Daniel McAlinden with Leanorth Grey Matter (ISH), Leanorth Soda Pop (ISH) and Neat Midnight Magic (ISH); Carla McGarry with Alvarez; Shane McCloskey with Cooleyhill Bonzo C (ISH); Glenn McCullough with Galway Bay Louie (ISH) and LVS Judy Ann (ISH); Ita McDermott with Doonaveeragh Victor (ISH); Megan McGettigan with Ballinamurra Eargon; Clem McMahon with Hilton Up The Banner (ISH) and Pacifico (ISH); Cathal McMunn with First Verdi and Lucas Van De Hellevoort; Andrew McSorley with Cheops Du Toultia Z; Meadhbh Mealiff with Ceoltoir (ISH) and Plamas (ISH); Donna Milne with Rockhill Harlequin; Eddie Moloney with Andiamix Hero Z, Cruicerath Flexianna (ISH) and Quiara M; Jessica Moore with H Blokx; Robyn Moran with Coolminga Inspector Royal (ISH) and Faline; Kelda Morgan with Orbiting (ISH); Paul Murphy with Exelsoir Van De Noordheuvel and Tuilleadh Uisce Beatha (ISH); Ciaran Nallon with Bally Fair Deal, Belfields Captain (ISH) and Javas True Colours (ISH); Thomas O’Brien with Miss Darco (ISH), Rockwood Pablo (ISH) and Scarlet Quality; Cian O’Connell with Castleforbes Rosie (ISH); Lily O’Dea with CSF Liquorice (ISH); Paddy O’Donnell with Finnegans Whiskers (ISH), Seefin Surprise (ISH)(TIH) and Thebestof Quality (ISH); Liam O’Meara with Oldtown KC (ISH)(TIH); Ryan O’Neill with Taplagh Lady (ISH); Alan O’Regan with Freedam (ISH) and Gucci VD Riethandei; Anthony O’Regan with Feedback and Holmoak Koln; Charles O’Reilly Hyland with Balumba Z and Enigma; Max O’Reilly Hyland with Ahmed Du Calvaire, Babar De Bussy and Dorado; Hannah O’Shea with Cento Blue, Ciao Bella and Lagans Spartacus (ISH); Julie-Claire O’Sullivan-Gallagher with Sir Charlie Brown (ISH); Michael Pender with Diamino Blue, HHS Calais (ISH) and HHS Matilde (ISH); Orla Queally with Fontanel Van T & L; Callum Quinn with Andora; David Raeburn with Scattery Condy (ISH)(TIH); Cormac Rafferty with KMR Benzini (ISH); Shannon Robinson with Chardonnay and True Titanium (ISH); Michael Roche with Roscrib De Ross (ISH); Aoibhe Rooney with Templeharry Prince (ISH); Olivia Roycroft with Westpalstown Lady (ISH); Darragh Ryan with Kilmastulla Quality Touch (ISH); Jack Ryan with Ballynahia Klontaire (ISH); Jack Ryan with Cavalier Teaca (ISH) and Zavatar F; Simon Scott with Jasmine Tide (ISH) and Ploverfield Lilyana (ISH); Lucy Shanahan with Omane Des Faux; Cora Sharkey with Pinegrove Aro (ISH); Steven Smith with Gradje O; Jonathan Smyth with Charlton Clio (ISH), Cruising Lux (ISH) and Mulvin Lui (ISH); Peter Smyth with Des Le Debut; Jessica Stallard with Haiti and Hilton DC; Patricia Stewart Greer with Jones VD Bisschop; Joyce Veld with Luxtapose (ISH); Dylan Ward with Hard Times; Yvonne Whiteside with Ecclesville (ISH)