FEI Entry & Results: 9 - 14 October 2018

Entry Details

Jumping: Oliva Valencia , Spain - 2 Star, 1 Star, Young Horses
9 - 14 October 2018

Competitors and Horses

Sunday: Grand Prix

CSI 2*: Damien Dixon with Quelqu’un Des Mets; Madelaine Gervais with MS Clinton (ISH) and Tito (ISH); Lucinda Roche with Gangster DHH, Gangsters Paradise, Izar LB and WCE Falco (ISH); Niall Talbot with Caracter, FTS Elliot and Kobold V Schloesslihof CH

CSI 1*: Madelaine Gervais with Estrella De La Pomme and Ifra Van De Eik; Jamie Landers with Castleforbes Angelina (ISH), Castleforbes Chadwick (ISH), Castleforbes Vitoria (ISH) and Valtor De Blagny; Niall Talbot with BP Luicruise (ISH) and Contact

CSI YH: Damien Dixon with Diarados Girl TW; Jamie Landers with Castleforbes Betsy (ISH), Castleforbes Chessie (ISH), Castleforbes Darcy (ISH), Castleforbes Denzel (ISH) and Castleforbes Dickens (ISH)