FEI Entry & Results: 9 - 14 July 2019

Entry Details

Jumping: Zuidwolde, Netherlands - European Championships for Young Riders, Juniors, Children On Horses
9 - 14 July 2019

Competitors and Horses

Thursday: Children On Horses Team Final 15.30 IST

Friday: Juniors Team Final 12.30 IST; Young Riders Team Final 15.00 IST

Saturday: Children On Horses Individual Final 14.00 IST

Sunday: Juniors Individual Final 08.30 IST; Young Riders Individual Final 13.00 IST

CH EU Y: Nicholas Connors with Abordable Du Talus; Susan Fitzpatrick with Fellow Castlefield; Jason Foley with Uncas S; Cian Harrison with Tabby (ISH)(TIH); Michael Pender with HHS Burnchurch (ISH)

CH EU J: Harry Allen with Dancing Queen Z; Kate Derwin with AHG Whiterock Cruise Down (ISH); Seamus Hughes Kennedy with Consun; Ciaran Nallon with Cloe GP Z; Jack Ryan with Essenar High Hopes

CH EU Ch: Eoin Brennan with Butuela; Maeve Clarke with Ukato Cruise (ISH); Matthew Conlon with Bally Kingdom Clover (ISH); Marta Hughes-Bravo with HHS California (ISH); Lily O’Dea with Seaspray (ISH)