Horse Sport Ireland 5 & 6YO Mare Eventing Championship 2015

  • 29 May 2015, 09:57

The aim of this Championship is to identify, evaluate and reward owners of mares that are capable of performing at the highest level in International eventing and are suitable for producing progeny that would be competitive at the highest level in International eventing.

Qualification Criteria to the HSI Mare Championship

  1. Mares must be registered in EU approved studbook.
  2. Mares must meet the following performance criteria:

To qualify for the championship the mare must have completed 2 double jumping clear rounds at EI 100

The championship will comprise the following elements:

  • Dressage:       BE113
  • SJ:                   5yo jump 1.10m, 6yo jump 1.15m.
  • XC:                  CNC1* track with fences omitted for 5yo (so less efforts) – same optimum time
  1. Under the Matron Scheme 6 year old mares that have already a foal registered in a DAFF approved studbook may compete as a 5 year old or a 7 year old mare that has already bred a foal registered in a DAFF approved studbook may compete as a 6 year old in this championship.

Prize Money

The €15,000 prize is proposed to be divided as follows:

  • €9,000 prize money for the final, divided in accordance with EI rule 28 (i.e. if 26-30 entries 1st, €4,500, 2nd, €2,000, 3rd €1250, 4th €700, 5th 350 and 6th Prize money will only be awarded if the placed mares and their rider/owner present themselves for the official presentation.
  • Breeders prizes: 1st €600, 2nd €400 and 3rd €200.
  • €4,000 to be retained in a separate fund by HSI and €1,000 provided to the owner of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed mares in this championship at the time they register with the ISH studbook the first progeny of these mares bred to a 4* 5* stallion, an Approved TB stallion or an Approved/Recognised or Preliminary Approved Stallion with a breeding value greater than 140. A time limit of five years will be placed on this fund.

Mare Championship Date/Venue

The Championship will take place during August or September 2015.

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