Horse Sport Ireland and Association of Irish Riding Establishments welcome retention of 9% Vat Rate for Riding Centres

  • 2 November 2018, 08:29

Horse Sport Ireland (HSI) and the Association of Irish Riding Establishments (AIRE) have welcomed the news that the 9% VAT Rate for AIRE Approved Riding Centres, is to be retained following changes to certain VAT rates in Budget 2019.

The Department of Finance have confirmed that Horse Riding Centres are considered to be a sports facility for the purposes of VAT, and sports facilities will continue to apply at a rate of 9%.

AIRE Chairman Charles Hanley said:

“AIRE are very pleased to be confirming the retention of 9% Vat Rate for AIRE Approved Riding centres. The rate will encourage growth in the industry, assisting parents with reasonably priced sport for their children. Member Riding Centres will also appreciate the cash flow when purchasing winter fodder in the coming months.”

AIRE was established in 1974 and has approximately 220 members who own/operate riding establishments all over Ireland. The roles and functions of AIRE include promoting the sport of amateur horse riding, and encouraging the observance of the highest standards of quality and service in the management and operation of horse riding establishments.

Horse Sport Ireland CEO Ronan Murphy added:
This is very welcome news. In many cases our Riding Centres provide the first introduction to horse riding for many people in Ireland. The level or instruction given forms a solid base for many children who go on to enjoy horse riding as their main sport of choice. These Riding Centres provide a valuable service whilst operating on very tight margins due to the high costs involved in providing facilities, purchasing suitable animals and the cost of feed and bedding. We hope the confirmation of the retention of the 9% VAT rate will provide some certainty for the year ahead.”

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