Horse Sport Ireland Breaking & Schooling Scheme 2021

  • 18 September 2021, 12:00

Horse Sport Ireland are delighted to announce the return of the HSI Breaking and Schooling Scheme for 2021. A significant number of horses were broken/schooled under the 2020 initiative, of which approximately 64% of horses went onto compete, 19% were put in foal and 64% of respondents expressed that their mare/filly would be retained for breeding purposes. Feedback obtained from the successful 2020 applicants outlined that initiative facilitated many breeders to produce and retain their youngstock which would not have been possible otherwise. The timing of the scheme reflects its aim of targeting young horses before breeding and at a time of year when producers may have additional capacity.



The HSI Breaking and Schooling Scheme aims to incentivise Irish breeders to produce future breeding horses through a designated training pathway and in so doing add value to them, provide additional information to their owners and breeders as to their negative and positive traits and ultimately to inform breeding decisions. This initiative also seeks to stimulate economic activity in equestrian communities nationwide and identify and support talented Irish producers.

This scheme is open to breeders with young horses intended for breeding aged between three and six years of age. The breaking option within the scheme is open to breeders with young fillies and stallions born in 2017 or 2018. The schooling for competition option is open to breeders with mares and stallions born between 2015 and 2017.

• Breeders may apply for up to two horses but only one option (breaking or schooling for competition) may be selected for each horse
• Preference will be given to mares/fillies who have completed the HSI X-Ray Screening Scheme in 2020/2021; a waiting list will operate for all other entries
• Entry deadline is the 11th of October 2021 and all invoices must be returned before the 23rd of November 2021
• Horses who were broken/schooled under the 2020 scheme are not eligible for funding under the 2021 initiative

HSI will reimburse breeders with funds towards six weeks training with a producer to break their young horse up to a maximum of €1,600 per horse following receipt of a valid application which is subsequently approved prior to the training period. Prior to reimbursement, the following must also be supplied: an invoice from the producer, video evidence of the horse’s progress (before and after videos). Ponies are also eligible to receive funding under the scheme but must be registered in a WBFSH/DAFM Approved Pony Studbook.

CLICK HERE for further information regarding terms, conditions and eligibility, apply using the form below.


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