Horse Sport Ireland Breeding Sub Board Publishes Inspection Review Document

  • 4 March 2016, 20:51

The Breeding Sub Board of Horse Sport Ireland has published a document setting out its proposed framework for the classification of stallions and mares in the Irish Sport Horse and Irish Draught Horse Studbooks. The document is available on the Horse Sport Ireland website for comment.

The Chairman of the Breeding Sub Board Jim Beecher said:
“I think a reasonable summary of the document is that we are proposing to make it more difficult for stallions to achieve Approved/Class 1 status, while changes in relation to mares are to encourage mare owners to participate in the process. We are also trying to have more accurate labelling for the Classes’ he said.

Some of the key points include:


Veterinary inspections will remain as a key part of classification in the Studbook and this will apply to all stallions including Thoroughbreds who meet timeform rating requirements.

Irish Sport Horse Mares

Breeders are not supporting the current Irish Sport Horse mare inspection and classification system in sufficient numbers. While the proposed new KT Equine Scheme may result in increased participation, we think it is preferable to encourage breeders to get involved in the system based on its own merits.

Irish Draught Mares

There are a significant number of Irish Draught breeders not participating in the current inspection and classification system. As a result 25% of the foals born in 2014 are not eligible for inspection under the current system, as they are the progeny of Class 3 and Class 4 animals. Whatever the rights and wrongs of this, the Studbook cannot ignore it, particularly in the case of a breed officially classified in the ‘rare’  breed category.


The proposed new stallion system sets a higher standard to achieve Approved/Class 1 status in both the ISH and ID Studbook.

Approved/Class 1 status will not now be awarded based solely on inspection. The stallion must demonstrate his worth through his own performance and/or his progeny.

‘Given that we now intend to raise the bar for stallions to achieve approved or Class 1 status, we feel it would be unfair and indeed inappropriate to apply to the new system for stallions intended for  inspection in spring 2016. We also need to have dialogue on the Irish Draught proposals with certain stakeholders especially daughter studbooks. Therefore, we will run a round of stallion inspections, under the current system, this spring. Following this Spring round we intend to introduce the proposed new system.

“Adverts will appear in the media this weekend with inspections taking place on April 19th and 20th” he said.

‘I want to thank all those who made submissions and acknowledge the breeding sub board members for being prepared to ask the hard questions about inspections which certainly ignited a debate’ he said.

The industry strategic plan ‘Reaching New Heights’ called for a ‘radical rebuilding’ of our breeding infrastructure. The current Breeding Sub Board is determined to put everything we are doing under scrutiny in the best interests of breeders. The proposed new inspection and classification system is only part of this process.

The Irish Sport Horse & Irish Draught Horse Studbook Inspection review proposal is available for download HERE


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