Horse Sport Ireland Young Handlers Qualifier at Clarecastle Show

  • 3 September 2018, 18:11

The 5th and final leg of the Young Handlers Series qualifiers took place on Saturday the 1st of September at Clarecastle Agricultural Show. A total of €25,000 has been made available by Horse Sport Ireland for this Championship, with a prize fund of €3,000 for each qualifier and a prize fund of €10,000 for the final.

Andrew Hughes (Judge) said: It is a great initiative and it was clear that the junior division lacked confidence so competitions like this will definitely help’’

Junior Division:

In the Junior Division it was Catherine Garton that took 1st place with her pony Castle Dartagnan (CP). Also qualifying at this venue were Jane Kingston with Heather Cool (ISH) in 2nd and Siobhan Davern-Hayes with Boskill Queen B (CP) in 3rd.


(L:R): Catherine Garton (Winner), Andrew Hughes (Judge), Phillip Scott (Judge), Jane Kingston (2nd Place)


Catherine Gorton (Winner Junior Division) said: “ I first heard about the class on Facebook and through friends who competed in some of the earlier qualifiers. I have been practicing at home as my pony is used to being in ridden classes and gets a little excited when it gets to the in-hand section so it is good practice for that.

Senior Division

In the Senior Division Aidan Williamson took home 1st place with Bullseye The One, followed by Kate Rath-Doyle in 2nd with Salahoona Libby. Brian O’Neill secured the final qualifying spot in 3rd place.


(L:R) Aidan Williamson (Winner) getting valuable advice from Phillip Scott (Judge) after the class.















Aidan Williamson (Winner Senior Division) said: I think anything that gets young people involved in breeding and youngstock is brilliant. The young handler series has had a knock-on effect on classes all over the country throughout the season and the judges have given good constructive criticism high is vital for the improvement. Since little lessons and bursaries are available for inhand production this is the only official. Capacity wherein we can get sound opinions from people in the know about where we might be going wrong. There have been more young people than ever showing inhand this year which is surely as a result of the young handler series.

The final of the HSI Young Handler Championship Series will take place on the 18th of September 2018 at the National Ploughing Championships.

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