HSI announces new Level 2 coaches

  • 22 April 2014, 02:07

HORSE Sport Ireland (HSI) Level 2 candidates completed their final assessments earlier this week at Ravensdale Equestrian Centre, Dundalk and Lullymore Equestrian Centre, Rathangan, Co. Kildare.

At Level 2 candidates are required to demonstrate their competency to coach at the required level in dressage, show jumping and cross country. Dressage and show jumping assessments were held at Ravensdale Equestrian Centre and candidates were required to demonstrate the required level of competency in both disciplines before being invited to present for cross country assessment at Lullymore Equestrian Centre. Five candidates were successful in all three phases. The HSI Level 2 Coach qualification is the first level where coaches are qualified to coach independently. Coaches must demonstrate competency in their coaching at elementary dressage standard, 1.20m show jumping and up to CNC2*/ CIC2* eventing.

At the final assessments, candidates were required to bring their own horse and rider capable of working at the required standard, then to coach a specified topic in each discipline. Independent impartial assessors were present to carry out the assessments in dressage, show jumping and cross country. A moderator was present throughout all three days to ensure fairness to all parties.

Successful candidates in all three disciplines and newly qualified HSI Level 2 Coaches are as follows:

  • Meike Biegel, Co. Cork
  • Laura Brown, Co. Down
  • Kilian Browne, Co. Cork
  • Michael Cusack, Co. Limerick
  • Eamonn Rice, Co. Tyrone

Speaking about the HSI Level 2 Coach course 2013, HSI Chairman of Coaching Comdt John Ledingham said:

Congratulations to all of the newly qualified coaches, the Level 2 Coach certificate is a significant achievement. The course itself is demanding with eight days contact time led by Coaching Ireland and HSI trained tutors. These coaches will have put in many months of self-development including shadowing and working with higher qualified coaches on their own time. I’m delighted to see their hard work paying off.

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