HSI Chairman urges horse owners in difficulty to avail of Fodder Scheme

  • 3 May 2013, 12:16

HORSE Sport Ireland Chairman Professor Pat Wall has welcomed the extension of the imported fodder transport scheme by Minister Coveney and has reminded horse owners who are in serious difficulties as a result of fodder shortages to contact the Department of Agriculture low-call emergency helpline number 1850 211990.

He said: “While there has not been a focus on horses in the coverage of this crises there are horse owners out there who are struggling to feed their animals and the schemes and initiatives undertaken by the Minister are open to them as much as they are to cattle, dairy and sheep farmers.

“Horses are something that binds people together and gives them a common interest and it is very important that all communities stay active at a time like this.

“This crisis will pass and things should be back on an even keel in the weeks ahead, but in the meantime anyone who has a horse should not be afraid to seek help if they have a serious shortage of fodder,” he said.


Prof. Pat Wall

Prof. Pat Wall

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