Important change to European Selection Criteria for Pony Eventers – 20.05.14

  • 20 May 2014, 10:34

Important change to European Selection Criteria for Pony Eventers – 20.05.14


5. This year, as the host Nation of the European Championships, we have the option to bring a squad of six from which the team of four will be picked, and then up to 6 more individual riders. (This is subject to FEI and OC Approval) If these extra spaces are available we will only use these spaces if we have pony/rider combinations of a competitive standard. These will be chosen by the following process:


5a.The squad of six and two reserves will be announced after Tattersalls International event (top three from the points table, team managers selection of three + 2 reserves **).The two reserves will automatically be awarded a place out of the additional 6 spaces for individual riders (see 5b).

**The manager will make a decision for the selection based on the following criteria

  •  Performance of the combination during 2014, with particular emphasis on form in the lead up to selection
  •  The Team veterinarians opinion on the likely ability of the pony to cope fully with the three day test posed by a European championships
  •  The riders previous performances at European championship level
  •  The rider and their support teams ability to operate as part of a team
  •  The commitment of the rider and their support team to the High Performance Programme
  •  In the case of the 6th place (2nd individual), if the rider is eligible for pony  selection for the following year this may be taken into account with a view to giving such a combination championship experience.


5b. Combinations will be expected to compete in Kilguilkey International (21st & 22nd June 2014) in the CNCP2* Competition.

The top 4 combinations in the CNCP2* Competition (that have achieved the MER for the European Championship as mentioned above) and excluding the original squad of 6 and the two reserves already selected will fill the 4 additional spaces.

The HPM does however reserve the right to excuse any combination from competing at Kilguilkey and to allocate them one of the additional places in advance of the competition at Kilguilkey.

After the combinations have been selected they must retain fitness and form. If the Team Manager has any concerns about this the combination may be asked to attend for schooling or be required to present their horse for veterinary assessment. If there are any concerns about the fitness of the rider they may be asked to attend for medical assessment by a doctor or Physio. If the Team Manager is not satisfied that the combination are fit to compete at the level on which their selection was based they can call up a reserve in their place.


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