International Day of Education

  • 24 January 2022, 10:24

Today is the International Day of Education and we celebrate equestrian coaches, students, educators, and the riders who work tirelessly to improve the standards of education, production, and the care of all equines. It is their hard work and dedication which ultimately continues to shape the future of our sport through their influence and generosity of shared knowledge.

This year’s theme of “Changing Course, Transforming Education” rings especially true as HSI works to strengthen and support the educational opportunities available within the industry. We believe that education has the ability to unlock the potential in every person, empowers them to achieve their goals and to contribute to the greater good of equestrianism.

We recognise the positive influence our coaches have on the future of learning within the industry and the benefit of their contributions to the next generation of equestrians.

We celebrate the students who balance study with early mornings and late nights while continuing to work with their horses and ponies. We encourage those who feel they must work that little bit harder in the pursuit of their equestrian dreams.

Education provides the foundations to develop participation in equestrian sport into the future. So today we thank the ridings schools, the coaches, the educational institutions, the breeders, and the teachers who continue to improve the educational opportunities for all equestrians

“Dreams do come true, but not without the help of others” – Ursula Burns


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