Ireland’s Folke Rohrssen reflects on superb international Driving Trials win at Sandringham in the UK

  • 4 July 2017, 17:49

Ireland’s Folke Rohrssen recorded a fantastic win in the FEI two-star horse pairs class at Sandringham Driving Trials in the UK at the weekend. Rohrssen, a veterinary surgeon from Cahir Co. Tipperary, finished on a penalty score of 164.52.

Speaking afterwards, Rohrssen was keen to acknowledge a big team effort behind the victory:
“We are delighted to have made the win at Sandringham Castle CAI 2* – a brilliant team effort from all at Tipperary Driving Team! My Gelderlander horses Gustaaf, Turbo and Nonius Popeye gave it their best under difficult conditions. For 6-year Gustaaf, it was his first ever dressage at international level, and he didn’t put a foot wrong, despite the music, flags and spectators around the ring.

Rohrssen continued,

“Seventeen-year-old “Turbo” was again the reliable rock in the pair, performing well in all 3 phases of the competition. And 10-year-old Hungarian Warmblood “Popeye” did his best to win us the marathon and then on Sunday managed his first ever round in the cones (for the first time under the added pressure of last starter!) with just a single ball down. So after a solid performance throughout (2nd in Dressage, 1st in Marathon, 2nd in Cones) we won by just 0.3 penalties before Libby Priest, David Matthews and Barry Capstick, as well as six other competitors in the FEI Horse Pairs class.

“In my team I’m supported by Janos Foeldszin, my long term groom; also my 10-year-old twins Kris and Leon were brilliant assistants throughout the competition and finally my horses were looking stunning due to Tracy Bell’s expert turnout.

Gloucester-based Barry Capstick also took fourth place for Ireland on a score of 169.49. The Irish duo were split by Britain’s Elizabeth Priest (164.81) and Germany’s David Matthews (169).

This was Folke Rohrssen’s second win at FEI level, after also coming out on top at Hopetoun FEI 2* in 2014. Next up for the Irish Driver will be a trip to Beekbergen CAI 3* in Holland on the first week of August.


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