Irish Quarter Horse Association affiliates to Horse Sport Ireland

  • 27 January 2015, 10:09

Horse Sport Ireland has confirmed that the Irish Quarter Horse Association (IQHA) has been formally affiliated as a full Affiliate to Horse Sport Ireland.

Previously, the IQHA had been affiliated to the Reining & Western Section of Horse Sport Ireland. However, now it will be the designated Affiliate for Reining & Western Riding in its own right.

The Chairman of the Irish Quarter Horse Association, Ron Weisz, welcomed the affiliation of the IQHA, trading as Western Riding Ireland, to Horse Sport Ireland, commenting:

“In addition to our affiliation with the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) and the Western Equestrian Society (WES), we hope to make 2015 a historic year for the promotion of the Quarter Horse breed and Western Riding here in Ireland. We look forward to working with HSI, and would like to thank in particular Mark Bolger, HSI Director of Finance & Operations, for his great assistance during the affiliation process.”

HSI Chairman Prof. Pat Wall said: “Reining is one of the eight FEI disciplines. The HSI Reining & Western Section did an excellent job in establishing the sport in Ireland. I would like to thank Declan McArdle who did a brilliant job as Chairman of the Section. We now look forward to working with the IQHA to further develop Western Riding.”


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