Irish Sport Horse Studbook announce fourteen newly approved stallions

  • 9 August 2022, 16:47

Horse Sport Ireland, on behalf of the Irish Sport Horse studbook, have this week announced that fourteen stallions have been Approved or Recognised for breeding, either through their own performance or that of their progeny.

Those stallions are:

Beach Ball (ISH),
Conthargos (Old),
Coros 3 (Westf)
Cristello (KWPN),
Gibeon (TB),
Grandorado TN (KWPN),
Mumbai (BWP),
Quantino (Holst),
Rubens LS La Silla (CDLS),
Shadow Gate (TB),
Sligo Candy Boy (ISH),
Take A Chance On Me Z (Zang),
Z Seven Ascot (ISH),
and the pony, Rincoola Babog (ISH).

For stallions standing outside of Ireland, Recognised is the highest award available to them with Approved being the highest award available to horses physically standing in Ireland.

Speaking about the approval of three of his stallions, Cristello (KWPN), Rubens LS La Silla (CDLS) and Quantino (Holst), Irish international rider Denis Lynch said,
“I’m very excited to have these fantastic stallions now fully approved for breeding in the Irish Sport Horse Studbook. As a nation, we have a rich history of producing top class showjumpers and event horses, so I’m really looking forward to seeing what these horses contribute to the breeding herd at home in Ireland. It’ll be an exciting next chapter to work with breeders and see the future crops of Irish Sport Horses go on to represent Ireland and other countries in the big arenas such as Dublin and Aachen like these stallions have done. There’s more information available on the stallions on our website

Head of Breeding, Development and Innovation, Sonja Egan, had the following to say on the Approvals:
“We’re very excited to have stallions the quality of Rubens LS La Silla (CDLS), Cristello (KWPN), Quantino (Holst) and Z Seven Ascot (ISH) added to the Irish Sport Horse studbook under the roster of Approved stallions. They have been fantastic servants to the Irish show jumping team over the past number of years and we now look forward to their contribution to the Irish breeding herd. The ultimate test of any stallion is that of their progeny and that’s why we’re delighted to Recognise Conthargos (OLD) through the results of his progeny internationally. The Irish Sport Horse sires, Beach Ball (ISH) and Sligo Candy Boy (ISH), are also now Approved through their established progeny track record

Just this weekend, Ireland’s Darragh Kerins and the Beach Ball (ISH) sired gelding Intuitive (ISH) won the $50,000 Kentucky Spring Classic Grand Prix, and with the RDS Dublin Horse Show coming up from August 17th to 21st, Z Seven Ascot (ISH) is represented in the 6 Year Old class by HHS Tokyo (ISH), returning having won the 5 Year Old class in 2021.

We’re also delighted to Recognise the high-performance stallions Mumbai (BWP), Grandorado TN(KWPN), and Take A Chance On Me Z (Zang) for their achievements in sport, and to give the 2021 FEI WBFSH Jumping World Breeding Championship for Young Horses 6 Year Olds winner, Coros 3 (Westf) Preliminary Recognition, the highest accolade for a young horse standing outside of Ireland.

It is important to maintain sight of the importance of blood in our sport horses and recognise the contribution of thoroughbred stallions. We have two newly Approved thoroughbred stallions in Shadow Gate (TB) and Gibeon (TB) through their timeform ratings. This increases the options available to breeders seeking to breed traditional Irish horses [TIH] and event horses, where we continue to see the vital role that the thoroughbred stallion plays. Horse Sport Ireland renewed the Thoroughbred percentage scheme initiative for 2022 and encourage Irish breeders producing foals of over 70% blood to engage in the scheme.


The Irish Sport Pony Studbook includes a welcome new approval; the double-European Showjumping pony gold medallist Rincoola Babog (ISH) is now listed as an Approved sire in the Irish Sport Pony studbook and the Irish Sport Horse studbook. We have very strong Irish pony teams with consistent international success, topped off by a history making performance at the European Jumping Championships for Ponies in Strzegom, Poland this past weekend, and look forward to his contribution to our pony breeding program.

It’s also interesting to see the dams of Beach Ball (ISH) and Rincoola Babog (ISH), Irish Independent Echo Beach (ISH) and Rincoola Abu (ISH) respectively, were both prolific representatives of the Irish Show jumping teams during their competition careers, which again highlights the importance of quality mares in our national breeding program.”

Horse Sport Ireland review stallion classifications and star rating criteria on an ongoing basis for the Irish Sport Horse and Irish Sports Pony Studbooks.  Owners and agents of approved stallions may submit them for star rating review either through their own performance or that of their progeny by contacting


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