Irish Sport Horses shine at FEI World Breeding Championships for Young Eventing Horses in Le Lion

  • 18 October 2020, 15:56

Irish Sport Horses have recorded superb results at the FEI WBFSH World Breeding Championship for Young Eventing Horses, which have been taking place over the past four days at Le Lion d’Angers in France.

Cooley Rosalent (ISH) bred by J.W. Rosbotham (Photo: Irish Eventing Times)

The Irish Sport Horse Cooley Rosalent, bred by J.W. Rosbotham in Co Armagh and ridden by Oliver Townend (GBR), finished as runner-up in the 6-year-old competition after they completed on their Dressage score of 30.3.

Cathal Daniels and LEB Empress (ISH), bred by Jo Breheny (Photo: Irish Eventing Times)

Ireland’s Cathal Daniels and LEB Empress (ISH), bred by Jo Breheny in Co Waterford, finished in fifth place on their Dressage score of 34.4.  MHS Brown Jack (ISH), bred by the late Ita Brennan and ridden by Tom McEwen (GBR) finished sixth on 34.6. Glenorchy (ISH), bred by Brian Clinghan and ridden by Isabel English (AUS) finished in 14th on 38.6. Steven Smith and Mike of Mourne (ISH), bred by John McBride finished in 16th place on 39.8.  Frazer Duffy and Designer Fernhill (ISH), bred by Gerard Allen took 19th place on 40.8.

A total of six Irish Sport Horses finished inside the top 20 of the 6-year-old competition which was won by Germany’s Ingrid Klimke and Cascamara (WESTF) on a score of 27.4.


Irish Sport Horse Ardeo Premier fourth in 7-year-old World Championship – Six Irish Sport Horses in top 22

The Irish Sport Horse Ardeo Premier, bred by Michael Beattie in Co. Down and ridden by Alexander Bragg (GBR), took fourth place overall in the 7-year-old competition in Le Lion on a final score of 35.5.

Unnamed, an Irish Sport Horse, bred by Siobhan McGuinness in Co. Mayo finished sixth with Gregoroni Filippo (ITA) on 38.8. Ireland’s Susie Berry and Kilcandra Capitol (ISH), bred by Vincent Cousins finished in 11th place on 43.6, while Sian Coleman and Hush A Bye Baby (ISH), bred by Kate Jarvey in Co Cork finished 15th with a score of 49.0. Daisy Duggan and LCC King Jullian (ISH), bred by Fr Simon Cadam in Co. Antrim took 21st place on 60.7, just ahead of Paul Donovan and Sportsfield Lux Impressive (ISH) bred by Michael Ryan in Co. Tipperary in 22nd on 68.7.

Susie Berry and Kilcandra Capitol (ISH), bred by Vincent Cousins (Photo: Irish Eventing Times)

Victory in the 7-year-old competition went to Germany’s Sophie Leube with Sweetwaters Ziethen TSF (TRAK) with a score of 27.6.

BREEDING – FEI WBFSH Eventing World Championships for Young Horses, Le Lion, France


2nd. Cooley Rosalent [AKA Rosalent] (ISH) – 2014 mare by Valent (KWPN) out of Bellaney Jewel (TB) by Roselier (TB). Breeder: J.W. Rosbotham, Co. Armagh. Owner: Paul Wridgeon. Rider: Oliver Townend (GBR).

5th. LEB Empress (ISH) – 2014 mare by OBOS Quality 004 (OLD) out of LEBLiath (ISH)[TIH] by Colin Diamond (ISH)[TIH]. Breeder: Jo Breheny,Co. Waterford. Owner: Catherine Von Schoen. Rider: Cathal Daniels(IRL).

6th. MHS Brown Jack [AKA MHS Pop Star] (ISH) – 2014 gelding by OBOS Quality 004 (OLD) out of Gowran Lady (ISH) by Cavalier Royale (HOLST). Breeder: Ita Brennan, Co. Kilkenny. Owner: Fred & Penny Barker. Rider: Tom McEwen (GBR).

14th. Glenorchy (ISH) – 2014 gelding by Clover Echo (ISH)[TIH] out of Onefoursevel (AEAS) by Maximum Clearance (TB). Breeder: Brian Clinghan, Co. Down. Owner: Kevin McNab & Stephanie Staaf. Rider: Isabel English (AUS).

16th Mike of Mourne(ISH) – 2014 gelding by Ringfort Cruise (ISH) out of Brooklyn Girl(TB) by Roselier (TB). Breeder: John McBride, Co. Down. Owner: Jenny Smith. Rider: Steven Smith (IRL).

19th. Designer Fernhill[AKA Kilbunny MP Easyhat Trick] (ISH) – 2014 gelding by Hermes DeReve (SF) out of Pleasant Star (TB) by Kasmayo (TB). Breeder: Gerard Allen, Co. Cork. Owner: Carol Gee & Deirdre Lannigan. Rider:Frazer Duffy (IRL).


4th. Ardeo Premier [AKA MB Premier Boy] (ISH) – 2013 gelding by Hold Up Premier (SF) out of Playgirl (ISH) by Cruising (ISH)[TIH]. Breeder: Michael Beattie, Co. Down. Owner: Debbie & Neill Nuttall. Rider: Alexander Bragg (GBR).

6th. Unnamed (ISH) – 2013 gelding by Ricardo Z (ZANG) out of Cavalier Classic (ISH) by High Roller (ISH). Breeder: Siobhan McGuinness, Co. Mayo. Owner and Rider: Gregoroni Filippo (ITA).

11th. Kilcandra Capitol (ISH) – 2013 gelding by Orestus (KWPN) out of Beavers Bugsy Malone [ISH] by Hallodri (TB). Breeder: Vincent Cousins, Co. Wicklow. Owner: TruckEast Limited. Rider: Susie Berry (IRL).

15th Hush A Bye Baby (ISH) – 2003 mare by Indoctro (HOLST) out of Rock Me Baby (AEAS) by Rock King (WNTR). Breeder/Owner: Kate Jarvey, Co. Cork. Rider: Sian Coleman (IRL).
21st LCC King Jullian (ISH) – 2013 gelding by Clinton (HOLST) out of LCC Molly (ISH) by Courage II (HOLST). Breeder: Fr Simon Cadam, Co. Antrim. Owner and Rider: Daisy Duggan (IRL).

22nd Sportsfield Lux Impressive (ISH) – 2013 mare by Olympic Lux (KWPN)out of RC Carel Belle (ISH) by Harlequin Du Carel (SF). Breeder:Michael Ryan, Co. Tipperary. Owner: Sharon Power. Rider: Paul RichardDonovan (IRL).