Junior Eventing Selection Process 2016

  • 11 December 2015, 14:19

Horse Sport Ireland Selection Policy and High Performance Programme – Junior Event Team 2016.

European Championships Montelibretti, Italy 22nd – 25th September, 2016


Debbie Byrne (Irish Junior Event Team Manager/Chef d’Equipe)

Email:  dbyrne@horsesportireland.ie

Mobile:  +44(0)7711800686          Home:  +44 (0)2825650577

Terry Boon (Junior Dressage & Cross Country Coach)

Email: terryboon@aol.com Mobile:  +44(0)7713245323

JP King (team vet)

Mobile: 00353860411634

The programme of training in the early months of 2016 will provide all junior riders the opportunity to enhance their training and management methods. The management & coaching team will be available throughout the year in various locations, & will be more than obliging in consulting & advising, when necessary & appropriate. Every effort will be made by the High Performance Manager to ensure that all of those who participate in the programme will gain from the education received.

Prior to the selection events, it is the responsibility of the junior rider and their connections, to ensure that each rider/horse combination has the required MER for the level of the Championship. In this case the MER is ONE CCI* as a combination. This is only a MINIMUM requirement, and the Manager would stress the need to be competing regularly at this level or above.

Veterinary support is crucial to achieving success. Riders must be open with the Team Veterinarian and Team Management in relation to any veterinary issues with their horse.

The Manager must be aware of any medical problems that a rider has, and the medication (if any) being taken. This will not exclude riders from being part of the squad, but will allow the management to complete the necessary paperwork, to avoid any complications at the Championships.

Once the squad has been selected after Millstreet CIC*, training will commence for those squad riders AND the reserves. Reserves will be selected on a priority basis by the Manager, and any reserve not willing to partake in the training at this stage will be bypassed and the next reserve will be selected. All reserves are selected and should be available (if necessary) to step in to the squad up until the squad leave for the Championships.

Please make yourselves aware of the FEI & NF Rule changes for 2016. These rules can be viewed on http://www.horsesportireland.ie/athlete-noticeboard/eventing-news.13484.html



A total of six athlete/horse combinations are available to Ireland for participation in the European Championships 2016. TWO places on this squad of six can be ‘won’ based on a point ranking system, covering the following events. See points table here: Points Table 2016

  • Tattersalls (1st – 5th June 2016) CCIJ* & CCI(u25)**

OR Hopetoun (16th – 19th June 2016) CCI* (Points will be allocated at both events, but if an individual chooses to do both, their best result from either event will be the only one to count)

  • Ballinamona (17th July 2016) CNC**
  • Camphire (28th – 31st July 2016) CICYR**
  • Millstreet (25th – 28th August 2016) CICJ*

PLEASE NOTE – that in the case of Tattersalls CCI(u25)**, the CCI* at Hopetoun and the CICYR** at Camphire, it is the combinations position in the class in line with the Points System rather than amongst the Junior Riders only, which will determine their points allocation if any.


  • The first two combinations in the rankings will be allocated a place on the European Championship squad of up to six riders, in Montelibretti, Italy subject to them securing their FEI qualifications, maintaining fitness and form up to the championship and complying with ALL requests of the Team Manager/ Chef d’Equipe. These places will be officially allocated after Millstreet (25th – 28th 2016) CICJ*. Following this allocation of four additional combinations plus reserves will be selected by the Team Manager/ Chef d’Equipe. Please be advised that horses will be requested to stay at the end of competition at Millstreet, for the team vet to inspect horses, before confirmation of selection can be made.
    • These rankings will not carry to Montelibretti. Following arrival in Montelibretti, the Team Manager/Chef d’Equipe will select the four combinations to compete for Ireland in the team competition from amongst the six that travel as part of the squad.
    • For the avoidance of doubt the two successful combinations from the points ranking system will be allocated places on the travelling squad of up to six combinations. In the case where combinations finished level on accumulated points using the system set out above, the combinations finishing position in the last leg in Millstreet (25th – 28th 2016) CICJ*, will determine their final ranking compared to the other combinations that finish on the same accumulated score.
    • If a combination does not compete in Millstreet (25th – 28th 2016) CICJ* they will be considered to have finished behind all those who did compete there for the purposes of resolving a tie in the accumulation of points as set out above.

Once the squad has been selected after Millstreet (25th – 28th 2016) CICJ*, training will commence for those squad riders AND the non – travelling reserve combinations. Reserves will be selected by the Team Manager when the six squad riders have been selected. All reserves selected should be available (if necessary) to step in to the squad up until the departure date for the Championships.
At this stage it is not intended that Horse Sport Ireland will collect any funding directly from riders by way of a squad levy. Instead riders will be asked to contribute directly towards the cost of training sessions organised by the Team Manager/ Chef d’Equipe.
It is anticipated that HSI Team Management support will be in attendance at the following venues at no cost to the individual. This is funded by Horse Sport Ireland, with thanks to allocations from the Irish Sports Council and Eventing Ireland

  1. Tattersalls CCIJ*/U25CCI** – Team Manager & Coach (sj)
  2. Camphire CICYR**- Team Manager, Terry Boon (dr & xc) & Coach (sj)
  3. Ballinamona CNC** – Team Manager, Terry Boon (dr & xc) & Coach (sj)
  4. Millstreet CICJ*- Team Manager ,Terry Boon (dr & xc) & Coach (sj)
  5. Final Training- Team Manager ,Terry Boon (dr & xc) & Coach (sj) and Team Veterinarian
  6. European Championships – Team Manager, Terry Boon (dr & xc) & Coach (sj) and Team Veterinarian.



Please note that while every effort will be made to adhere to the process set out above Horse Sport Ireland can alter it at any time or can choose to abandon it if they consider that to be in the best interest of the Irish squad travelling to Montelibretti, Italy. In addition, Horse Sport Ireland in consultation with the Team Manager /Chef d’Equipe can leave any selected rider or pony at home if they consider it to be in the best interest of the Irish squad travelling.


This document is a draft.  If any parent or coach has a query or proposed change to this, please forward to tconnors@horsesportireland.ie  before Monday 4th January 2016 for consideration.



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