Junior Training Times Feb 15th & 16th 2014

  • 13 February 2014, 10:00

Please find training times for Abbottstown training below.
Please find Google Map location of Abbottstown HERE it is close to Blanchardstown Shopping Centre. If you put “National Aquatic Centre” into Google Maps or Sat Nav it will get you there. Once you get to the Aquatic Centre you will come to security at the gate and they can direct you to the arena.

Saturday 15th February 2014
Terry Boon
8.30 Marcus Hayden
9.15 Richard Wilkie
10.00 Jordan Smith
10.45 Kate Gibney
11.30 Joanne Corish
12.15 Lydia Dawson
1.00 Lucy Latta
1.45 Susie Berry
2.30 Lucy Latta
3.15 Susie Berry
4.00 Hannah Phillips
4.45 Isabelle Odlum

Ian Fearon
Lucy Latta
Susie Berry
Lydia Dawson
Marcus Hayden

Lucy Latta
Susie Berry
Richard Wilkie
Eliza Hancock
Matthew Hanrahan

Jordan Smith
Kate Gibney
Isabelle Odlum
Hannah Phillips
Jessica Beresford

Correna Bowe
Joanne Corish
Claudia O’Donoghue
Jackilyn Breslin
Adam Haugh

Amy Griffith
Holly Wray
Gemma Parkhill
Conor Maguire
Avril Copithorne

Sunday 16th February 2014
Terry Boon
8.15 Gemma Parkhill
9.00 Claudia O’Donoghue
9.45 Correna Bowe
10.30 Conor Maguire
11.15 Avril Copithorne
12.00 Jackilyn Breslin
12.45 Holly Wray
1.30 Amy Griffith
2.15 Adam Haugh
3.00 Eliza Hancock
3.45 Jessica Beresford
4.30 Matthew Hanrahan

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